Village of Oakfield, NY
Genesee County
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No person shall make any disturbance or indulge in any fight, brawl or riotous demonstration on or near any public or private street or place within the Village of Oakfield.
No person shall, in any manner whatsoever, disturb, molest or interrupt, or aid in disturbing, molesting or interrupting, any of the persons composing any lawful meeting, congregation, audience, collection or gathering of persons, school, lodge, society or association or while going to or returning from the same.
Persons shall not unnecessarily congregate upon the sidewalks, street corner or streets so as to obstruct the free and uninterrupted passing of any person, persons or vehicle.
No person shall, at any time, make or contribute to the making of any unnecessary loud or unusual noise.
No person shall use or cause to be used a sound truck or a loudspeaker attached to a motor vehicle upon the public streets in the Village of Oakfield without first obtaining written permission from the Mayor of the Village of Oakfield.
No person shall use or engage in any profane, vulgar or obscene language or conduct in or upon any public street or public place or within any building so that such language or conduct can be heard or seen by any person not within such building.
No person shall be intoxicated in any public or private place within the Village of Oakfield and any person may be arrested without a warrant while so intoxicated.
No person shall maliciously or willfully break, tear, injure or deface any building, fence, lamppost, lamp, electric light or telephone post, sign signal post, traffic sign, signboard, tree, shrubbery, fountain, or other ornamental thing in the Village of Oakfield, and no person shall tear down any notice, sign or handbill lawfully posted.
No person shall injure or destroy or take or use any of the property of the Village of Oakfield without first obtaining the consent of the Board of Trustees.
No person shall either actually or impliedly solicit, beg or ask for alms or subscriptions to charity within the Village of Oakfield without the written consent of the Mayor of said Village; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to members or solicitors soliciting for any church, association, corporation, society, lodge or other organization having a church, chapter or local organization within said Village, or to the Red Cross or Salvation Army.
No person shall drop, throw or place any wire, bottles, glass, nails or other sharp, destructive or dangerous things on the sidewalks or in the streets or alleys of the Village of Oakfield.
No person shall paint any signs or make any marks with paint or by other means upon any sidewalk, crosswalk or street of the Village of Oakfield without the consent of the Board of Trustees, and no person shall willfully walk or ride upon or drive any vehicle over any street, crosswalk or sidewalk in the course of construction so as to cause damage thereto where said street or walks have been barricaded by signs, bars, lights or other warnings.
No person shall interfere with any officer, inspector or other person or persons appointed to carry out the provisions of the ordinances of the Village of Oakfield while they are engaged in carrying out the same.
It shall be unlawful for any person or corporation to construct a board fence in the Village of Oakfield extending more than six feet from the ground to the top of the fence.