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Village of Stevensville, MI
Berrien County
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[Comp. Ords. Rev. 1986, § 3.32; Code 1994, § 14-121]
No person shall solicit funds or conduct any tag day upon the public streets of the Village without a written permit from the Village Council.
The following conduct, in addition to any other conduct prohibited herein, shall be punishable as a violation of this chapter:
Entering a private residence under pretenses of entering for purposes other than soliciting or peddling;
Remaining in a private residence or on the premises thereof after the owner or occupant thereof has requested the solicitor or peddler to leave;
Going in and upon the premises of a private residence by such solicitor or peddler to solicit or peddle when the owner or occupant thereof has displayed a "No Soliciting" or "No Peddling" sign on such premises.
[Comp. Ords. Rev. 1986, § 67.121; Code 1994, § 14-156]
No persons shall engage in the business of hawking, peddling, or vending any goods, wares, hardware, toilet articles, patent medicines, merchandise, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, food, prepared foodstuffs, or services, from door-to-door or from or upon the streets, alleys and public places of the Village without first obtaining a license therefore, as provided by this article.
[Comp. Ords. Rev. 1986, § 67.122; Code 1994, § 14-157]
Persons intending to engage in the solicitation of moneys for nonprofit organizations, or the sale of goods, food or services, the proceeds from which are in fact used to benefit only nonprofit organizations, may apply for a license to be granted without fee.
[Comp. Ords. Rev. 1986, § 67.141; Code 1994, § 14-158]
All applications for vending and soliciting licenses shall be made to the Village Clerk, shall contain the information as set forth pursuant to this article to fully inform the clerk with respect thereto, and shall be accompanied by the fee specified in Section 20-26.
[Comp. Ords. Rev. 1986, § 67.190; Code 1994, § 14-159]
The fees shall be paid for the licenses required by this article as currently established or as hereafter adopted by resolution of the Village Council from time to time.