Town of Medfield, MA
Norfolk County
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[Adopted 4-30-2018 ATM by Art. 37]
There shall be a Permanent Planning and Building Committee (hereinafter "Committee") responsible for overseeing the planning, prioritizing, design, approvals, construction, reconstruction, alteration or enlargement of all buildings owned by the Town or constructed on land owned, leased, or operated by the Town.
The Committee shall consist of five members appointed by a majority vote of the Town of Medfield Board of Selectmen.
Each member of the Committee shall be a resident in the Town of Medfield. No member of the Committee shall be a paid employee of the Town.
Among the members, the Board of Selectmen should endeavor to appoint a member with expertise in architecture, building engineering, commercial or municipal construction, and/or construction law/contracts. If volunteers with this expertise are not available for appointment, the Board of Selectmen shall have the discretion to appoint instead any individual meeting the qualifications set forth in Subsection B.
The Town Administrator or his/her appointed designee, the Town Facility Manager and one member of the Town Warrant Committee each shall be appointed as ex-officio members in addition to the five-member Committee.
Committee members shall serve a term of three years.
If a Committee member chooses to resign his or her term, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint a replacement to complete the unexpired portion of that term. Expiring terms shall end on June 30 of each calendar year. A member may hold his or her seat after his or her term expires until a successor is qualified.
The Committee shall have supervisory authority and oversight for all projects that fall under MGL c. 149, MGL c. 149A, MGL c. 30, § 39M, and MGL c. 7C. The Committee may, with the consent of the Board of Selectmen, delegate its authority to another governing board, committee, commission or Town official should the Committee's involvement be deemed unnecessary.
The Committee, in consultation with the Town Facility Manager, shall be responsible for assessing the current conditions of all Town facilities and projecting their useful life.
The Committee shall be responsible for projecting the need to replace and/or renovate existing facilities and maintain a Facilities Master Plan with a prioritized list of future needs.
The Committee shall, subject to Town Meeting project authorization and appropriation, conduct feasibility studies and final designs, oversee construction of projects, procure project management (if required), procure design, architectural and engineering services as it deems necessary or as required by law.
Prior to commencement of a project or feasibility study, the relevant user department shall designate up to two people to serve as ex officio members to support the completion of the project or feasibility study and represent the needs of that department.
Any user department seeking to construct, reconstruct, alter or enlarge a building under its jurisdiction shall file a project application with the Board of Selectmen; if the Board of Selectmen determines that the project should proceed, it shall refer the application to the Committee. The Committee shall meet with the applicant department and if the project is deemed viable by the Committee shall present its findings to the Board of Selectmen for approval to start a feasibility study.
If, after the completion of a feasibility study, it is deemed by the Board of Selectmen that the proposed construction project is necessary, the Committee shall conduct the final design process subject to Town Meeting approval of all funding and review of projected budgets with the Board of Selectmen and Warrant Committee.
The Permanent Planning and Building Committee shall report its progress on all capital projects on an as-needed basis or as requested by the Board of Selectmen.