Town of Lyons, NY
Wayne County
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Every person owning property fronting on a public street or highway shall build and maintain in good condition a sidewalk along the frontage of said premises, which sidewalk shall be of the kind and width and at the grade prescribed by the Highway Superintendent.
Unless a special circumstance is approved by the Highway Superintendent, a sidewalk shall be constructed of concrete to a depth of four inches. Sidewalks shall be four feet wide. Existing sidewalks constructed of slate shall be exempt from this requirement if the condition of the sidewalk is approved by the Highway Superintendent.
Any person building a new sidewalk or replacing an old sidewalk will be reimbursed for sidewalks so built or replaced in an amount set from time to time by the Town Board by resolution, provided the sidewalk is constructed at least four inches in depth of a mixture of concrete composed of washed stone or gravel and cement or crushed rock and cement, in proper proportions and in a good and workmanlike manner. Said payment is to be made upon presentation to the Town Clerk of a bill sworn to as other vouchers presented to the Town are sworn to, showing the number of square feet so built or replaced and accompanied by a receipted bill of the builder or contractor showing the fact the entire bill is paid.
The reimbursement referred to in Subsection A shall not apply to wholly exempt properties as indicated on the tax rolls of the Town of Lyons.
The reimbursement referred to in Subsection A shall not apply to sidewalks constructed to conform to the subdivision regulations in Chapter 262, Subdivision of Land, of the Town Code.
To be eligible for reimbursement, the property owner shall make application to the Code Enforcement Officer, who shall inspect the forms prior to pouring concrete to ensure compliance with the requirements of this section. The Code Enforcement Officer will report to the Town Board regarding the approval of payment of any submitted voucher for reimbursement by the property owner.