Village of Mount Pleasant, WI
Racine County
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[Code 1993, § 6.01]
To prepare the Village to cope with emergencies resulting from enemy action and natural or man-made disaster, it is declared to be necessary to establish an organization for emergency government for the Village by conferring upon the president of the Village and others specified duties and powers, consistent with Wis. Stats. Ch. 166.
[Code 1993, § 6.02]
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
All measures undertaken by, or on behalf of, the state, county and municipalities to prepare for, and minimize the effects of, enemy action upon the civilian population.
Includes civil defense, and means all measures undertaken by, or on behalf of, the Village in order to:
Prepare for, and minimize the effect of, enemy action and natural or man-made disaster upon the civilian population.
Effectuate emergency repairs to, or the emergency restoration of, vital public utilities and facilities destroyed or damaged by such action or disaster.
[Code 1993, § 6.03]
Constitution. The Village Board shall be the emergency government committee, whose chair shall be the president of the Village.
Duties. The emergency government committee shall:
Be an advisory and planning group;
Advise the coordinator of emergency government services on all emergency government matters; and
Annually prepare and adopt a budget for emergency government.
[Code 1993, § 6.04]
The county coordinator of emergency government services shall also hold the office of coordinator of emergency government services of the Village. The president of the Village shall appoint deputies and assistants to the coordinator, as requested. The coordinator of emergency government services shall:
Develop and promulgate emergency government plans for the Village, consistent with state and county plans.
Direct the emergency government program for the Village and perform such other duties related to emergency government as are required of the Village Board and the emergency government committee.
Direct the Village emergency government training programs and exercises.
Direct the Village participation in emergency government training programs and exercises.
[Code 1993, § 6.05]
Office and staff. The county board shall provide offices, office furniture, stenographic help and such office supplies as are necessary to carry out the functions of the county coordinator of emergency government services, and the cost thereof shall be defrayed by the county, with the help of the Federal Financial Assistance Program.
Major equipment and services. Cost of equipment and services requested by the Village shall be borne 100% by the Village with federal financial assistance procured by the county/village coordinator of emergency government services, when applicable. Federal financial assistance reimbursements shall be returned to the Village Clerk-Treasurer.
[Code 1993, § 6.06]
Whenever it is deemed necessary by either the county emergency government committee or the Village emergency government committee, there shall be a joint meeting of the committees to decide such matters as may arise.
[Code 1993, § 6.07]
Policy. In preparing and executing the emergency government program, the services, equipment, supplies and facilities of the existing departments and agencies of the Village shall be utilized to the maximum extent practicable, and the heads and personnel of all such departments and agencies are directed to cooperate and extend such services and facilities as are required of them.
Responsibility. In order to ensure that in an emergency all the facilities of the existing Village government are expanded to the fullest to meet such emergency, department and emergency heads assigned to specific responsibilities under the Village emergency operations plan will fulfill emergency and nonemergency duties as prescribed in the plan.
[Code 1993, § 6.08]
Notwithstanding any other reference to the succession of Village officers in this chapter or statute, in the case of a civil defense emergency, should the president of the Village be absent or otherwise incompetent to act, the order of succession to the duties of president during such period of a civil defense emergency shall be declared by annual resolution per Wis. Stats. Ch. 166.
[Code 1993, § 6.09]
When the Village Board determines that the effect produced on the water table by unregulated use of water in the Village threatens the public health and welfare of the Village's residents, the Village Board may establish such reasonable temporary rules and regulations controlling the use of such water as are deemed necessary to protect the public health and welfare. Such action shall be by resolution of the Village Board.
[Code 1993, § 6.10]
Any person who intentionally fails to comply with the directives of emergency government authorities promulgated under this chapter during a state of emergency, or during any training program or exercise, shall be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-15.