Borough of Merchantville, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Merchantville Borough Council 7-14-1930. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Amended 4-8-1996]
No person shall, within the limits of the Borough of Merchantville:
Enter any building or any public or private lands and break, injure or deface such building or any part thereof or the fences, outhouses or other property belonging to or connected with such building or lands.
Create or cause any disturbance at any building, public or private, or molest or give annoyance to any persons attending, residing or who are lawfully there within.
Loiter in or upon any public property or private property not his or not lawfully in his possession and then and there to pry into the privacy or security of the person lawfully in possession or occupation thereof.
Use loud, offensive, disorderly, threatening, abusive or insulting language or conduct himself or behave in any offensive, disorderly, threatening, abusive or insulting manner or shout or make any noise, at any place, during nighttime, to the annoyance or disturbance of any person.
Congregate with others on a street and refuse to move on when ordered by the police, or unlawfully, by his actions, cause a crowd to collect.
Engage in any illegal occupation or activity.
Cause any damage or otherwise break, deface or otherwise injure the private property of another or public property.
Secrete any goods, chattels or valuable papers of another.
Make or aid, countenance or assist or maintain premises in which any of the activities delineated in Subsections A through H above take place.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to set up, keep or maintain or permit to be set up, kept or maintained in any house or other building or premises owned, leased or occupied by him or her any faro table, roulette wheel or other device or game of chance whereby gambling may be done for money or other valuable thing or to permit or allow any person to operate or engage in any game of chance for the purpose of gambling, either as banker, player, dealer or otherwise.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to hold or permit or allow to be held in any building or premises owned, leased or occupied by him or her any dogfight, cockfight or prizefight or any sparring contest for a purse or other money prize, or to maintain or permit or allow to be maintained on any such premises any boxing ring, cockpit or any other place designed for men or animals to fight.
[Added 4-8-1996]
No person shall set off or discharge any revolver, pistol, gun, cannon or firearm of any description: provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall be construed to extend to any military maneuvers, to any target practice or to the explosion of dynamite or similar material used for blasting purposes under proper supervision or to any police officer in the line of duty.
Editor's Note: Former § 54-4, Loitering prohibited, was repealed 3-26-1973 by Ord. No. 476. See Ch. 43, Loitering.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to go from door to door to beg or solicit alms or to place himself or herself on the street for that purpose.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to appear on any street or in any public place in a state of nudity or in an indecent or lewd dress or garment or in a dress or garment not belonging to his or her sex, or to make any indecent exposure of his or her person, or be guilty of any lewd or indecent behavior, or to exhibit or sell or offer to sell any obscene or indecent book, picture or thing, or to exhibit or perform any indecent, immoral or lewd play or other representation.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to engage in any practice, sport or exercise having a tendency to frighten horses or animals or to annoy or frighten persons or pedestrians on the streets of the borough.
It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to ring any bell or bells or blow any horn or make any public outcry at or for any public sale, auction or venue or in order to attract any attention to or gain passengers for any cab, hack, omnibus or taxicab in or upon any street or highway.
[Added 10-22-2018 by Ord. No. 18-13[1]]
The Borough Clerk shall prepare and maintain a "Special Assistance Registry," which shall consist of the names and addresses of those residents identifying themselves as in need of special assistance in the event of an emergency. This registry shall be cross-indexed by the name and address of each resident that opts onto the registry, identifying the special circumstances for each, and is to be used solely for public safety purposes.
The Borough Clerk shall provide the registry, which must be updated at least monthly, to the Chief of the Merchantville Police Department, the Chief of the Merchantville Fire Department, the Captain of the Pennsauken First Aid Squad, and to any emergency services agency that may be called to serve the residents of the Borough.
Any Borough resident who has requested enlistment on the "Special Assistance Registry," pursuant to this chapter, shall be able to obtain from the Borough Clerk's office a sticker for display at his or her premises, indicating enlistment on the "Special Assistance Registry."
Any Borough resident who has requested placement on the "Special Assistance Registry" shall remain on the "Special Assistance Registry" until such time as he or she advises the Borough Clerk, in writing, that they wish to be removed from the registry.
Any information contained in the "Special Assistance Registry" is exempt from disclosure under the Open Public Records Act, N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.
Prior § 54-9 was repealed by Ord. No. 5-27-1997
Ordinance No. 128 of the borough entitled "An Ordinance for Suppressing Vice and Immorality, etc.," approved November 13 1923, be and the same is hereby repealed.
This chapter shall take effect upon due passage and publication according to law.
Editor's Note: Sex offender residency prohibition; 2,500 feet, which was previously codified herein has been preempted by Megan's Law, N.J.S.A. 2C:7-1 et seq.