Township of Edison, NJ
Middlesex County
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[Ord. No. O.1751-2010]
In the interest of public welfare and the sound quality of life of its residents, Edison Township hereby establishes the Adopt an Area Program to provide for the sufficient maintenance of, and landscaping to, its parks, open spaces, vacant Township-owned properties and landscaped areas in order to preserve and maintain them through the participation of landscaping businesses as provided herein.
[Ord. No. O.1751-2010]
Any person interested in adopting an area to provide landscaping maintenance services such as cutting of lawns, watering, fertilizing, raking and removing leaves, trees and shrub trimming and/or removal, removing litter, weeding, mulching, planting and light pruning at regular times throughout the year.
Any person interested in adopting an area should submit a request to the Township Clerk including:
The name and address of the person, firm, corporation or other legal entity conducting the business;
In case of a corporation, the names and addresses of all officers and stockholders of the corporation;
In case of a limited liability company, the name and addresses of all officers and members of the limited liability company;
The location of the Township park, open space, vacant Township-owned property and/or landscaped area they propose to maintain.
Proposed signage to be used at the area and proposed location for such signage.
Proof of insurance for comprehensive general liability insurance coverage having limits of liability of at least one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars for property damage, and for personal injury, and proof of Workmen's Compensation coverage for all employees as required by law.
Upon receiving such a request the Township Clerk shall forward the request to the Director of Public Works who shall review the request in consultation with the Director of Parks and Recreation and/or other Directors as appropriate. Requests for adoption of areas shall be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If more than one (1) landscaping business simultaneously request the same location, a lottery will be held by the Director of the Department of Public Works to select which landscaping business will adopt that location. The Director for the Department of Public Works will make the final determination, subject to Township Council approval, as to whether a particular landscaping business can participate and make final assignments as to the area and forward his recommendations to the Township Council for action.
A sign may be placed at each area by the landscaping business of a type and in a location as approved by resolution. The sign may measure no nor than two (2) feet high by three (3) feet wide and the total height of the installed sign shall not exceed three (3) feet. The sign shall contain the language: "Edison Township Adopt an Area Program. This Area adopted by" and then may contain the name and telephone number of the landscaping business and a company logo if so desired by the landscaping business and as approved by resolution.
[Ord. No. O.1751-2010]
A minimum one (1) year commitment is required.
The landscaping business shall maintain the approved area in a workman-like and professional manner. The activities of the landscape business on the approved area shall at all times be subject to the direction of the Director of Public Works.
Any tree and bush trimmings, leaves, cut grass that is not mulched into the lawns, garbage collected and other debris shall be removed from the approved area.
Any approved sign shall be maintained in good condition. Any sign approved that is not maintained in good condition will be removed and discarded by the Township. Any unapproved signs will be removed and discarded by the Township.
Insurance as required by Section 23-2b6 shall be maintained at all times and proof of renewal of same shall be promptly submitted to the Township Clerk.
The landscaping business shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in addition to the terms of this program.
The approved sign shall only be placed at the approved location during the time the landscape business is participating in this program, should the business no longer be participating in this program or should the approval be revoked for violating any of the terms of this program, the sign shall be promptly removed and if not so removed it will be removed and discarded by the Township.
Any approval of a landscaping business approved for any area may be revoked by the Director of Public Works for failure to comply with any of the terms of this program.