City of Fenton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 3854, 9-27-2018]
It is the purpose of this Section to provide reasonable minimum standards for the permitted accessory use of Outdoor Dining, as defined under Section 400.030 of this Code, to control and limit any adverse impact on pedestrian traffic and other uses on the premises and adjoining properties. Outdoor Dining may be permitted by Special Use Permit under the provisions of Section 420.020.
Standards, Criteria, And Conditions. In addition to any conditions established by the City under the Special Use Permit, the following standards, criteria, and conditions shall apply to the establishment and operation of Outdoor Dining:
Outdoor Dining areas must be located on the same premises and adjacent to the establishment in which it is related, such as on a sidewalk or patio area.
Outdoor Dining areas must be located within the required building setback of the lot in which it is located, or as otherwise provided in Section 445.030. Additionally, Outdoor Dining areas shall not be located within five (5) feet of any lot line.
Outdoor Dining areas shall allow a free flow of pedestrian access and shall not have a negative impact on traffic flow or any adjacent parking areas or establishments.
All tables, chairs, umbrellas, and other permissible objects provided shall be maintained with a clean appearance and shall be in good repair.
Outdoor Dining areas shall be maintained in a neat and orderly appearance, clear of litter and debris, and provisions shall be made for adequate trash control on-site.
No tables, chairs, or any other parts of the Outdoor Dining area shall be attached, chained, or in any manner affixed to any tree, post, sign, or other fixture, curb, or sidewalk in or near the permitted area.
Outdoor Dining seating shall be included when determining the parking requirements for the related establishment.
The storage of dishes, silverware, or other Outdoor Dining equipment, other than tables and chairs, shall only be allowed during hours of operation.
Times of operation, including hours and days of operation and/or seasonal operations, shall be determined by the City in conjunction with the Special Use Permit.
The Commission and Board of Aldermen may require bollards, fencing and/or landscaping around the Outdoor Dining when it is deemed necessary to provide a buffer for adjacent uses and/or safety and welfare of the Outdoor Dining patrons.
No live entertainment, speakers, televisions, or other audio admitting devices shall be permitted in the Outdoor Dining area unless otherwise approved by the City under the Special Use Permit.
Lighting of the Outdoor Dining area shall not disturb any adjacent establishment, property, or public right-of-way.
Should alcohol be served in the Outdoor Dining area, a liquor license will be required pursuant to Chapter 600 of the Municipal Code.