City of Oakdale, CA
Stanislaus County
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As to traffic regulations generally, see ch. 18 of this Code. As to special bicycle parking, see § 18-3.
[Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
For the purpose of this Code means any device upon which a person may ride which is propelled by human power through a system of belts, chains or gears and which has wheels at least twenty inches in diameter and a frame size of at least fourteen inches.
[Ord. No. 239, § 1; Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or use a bicycle upon any of the streets, alleys or public highways of the city without first obtaining a license for said bicycle under the provisions of division 16.7 of the Vehicle Code of California.
As to licenses generally, see ch. 16 of this Code.
[Ord. No. 239, § 7; Ord. No. 616, § 1; Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
A license fee to be paid for such license shall be two dollars and the duration of such license shall be the period of time set by the director of the department of motor vehicles of the state for the uniform renewal of bicycle licenses under the provisions of Vehicle Code section 39001. Said fee shall be paid to the city.
[Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
License fees collected by the city under this chapter shall be used to pay the costs and expenses of obtaining and issuing bicycle licenses and maintaining the records required by this section and by division 16.7 of the Vehicle Code of California, and, in addition, shall be used, insofar as the fees permit, to improve bicycle safety programs and establish bicycle facilities including bicycle paths and lanes within the limits of the city.
[Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
The city shall maintain records of each bicycle registered, which records shall include the license number, the serial number of the bicycle, the make, type and model of the bicycle and the name and address of the licensee. Such records shall be maintained by the city during the period of validity of the license or upon notification that the bicycle is no longer to be operated.
Whenever the owner of a bicycle licensed pursuant to this chapter sells or otherwise disposes of a bicycle he shall within ten days notify the city of such disposition.
Any person who purchases or otherwise acquires possession of a bicycle shall within ten days of taking possession apply for the transfer of license to his name.
Whenever the owner of a bicycle licensed pursuant to this chapter changes his address he shall within ten days notify the city licensing agency of the old and new address.
[Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
[Ord. No. 647, § 1.]
No fine imposed for any violation of this chapter shall exceed five dollars.