Township of Warren, NJ
Somerset County
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No person, in the township shall own, possess, harbor or have in custody any dog of licensing age, unless such dog has been vaccinated against rabies by a duly licensed veterinarian of the State of New Jersey. Such vaccination shall be repeated annually and shall consist of one injection of not less than 0.5 ccs of anti-rabies vaccine of standard and accepted formula, or at the option of the owner, the inoculation against rabies may be performed every three years if an avianized vaccine is used. Vaccine must be manufactured under a license of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture. Any dog may be exempt from the requirement of such vaccination, for a specified period of time, upon the presentation of a certificate from a duly licensed veterinarian stating that by reason of age, infirmity or other physical condition, the vaccination of such dog, for such specified period of time, is contraindicated.
Any person owning, harboring or having custody of any dog shall obtain from the veterinarian who vaccinates the dog against rabies a certificate on a form available at the office of the clerk of the board of health, and shall, within 10 days of such vaccination, or within 10 days after bringing the dog into the township, if the dog was vaccinated before being brought into the township, deliver the certificate to the office of the clerk of the board of health, which shall file the same.
The board of health is hereby authorized and empowered to provide free vaccination of such dogs at a suitable clinic and place designated by it to be conducted by a licensed veterinarian of the State of New Jersey. The board of health is hereby further authorized and empowered to make and adopt such rules and regulations, not inconsistent or in conflict with the terms and provisions of this chapter, as it may deem proper and necessary for the enforcement of this chapter.