Township of Warren, NJ
Somerset County
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A code defining and prohibiting certain matters, things, conditions or acts and each of them as a nuisance, prohibiting certain noises or sounds, requiring the proper heating of apartments, prohibiting lease or rental of certain buildings, prohibiting spitting in or upon public buildings, conveyances or sidewalks, authorizing the inspection of premises by an enforcing official, providing for the removal or abatement of certain nuisances and recovery of expenses incurred by the board of health in removing or abating such nuisances and prescribing penalties for violations is hereby established pursuant to Chapter 188, Laws of 1950, except certain parts of the code which are specifically excluded by the provisions of section BH6-4 herein. A copy of the code is annexed hereto and made a part hereof without the inclusion of the text herein.
The code established and adopted by this chapter is the Public Health Nuisance Code of New Jersey (1953).
Three copies of the Public Health Nuisance Code of New Jersey (1953) have been placed on file in the office of the health officer of the board of health and will remain on file there for the use and examination of the public.
Those parts of the code designated as paragraphs (e) and (f) in section 2.1 are not hereby established and adopted.
Section II: Nuisances Defined and Prohibited.
The following matters, things, conditions or acts and each of them are hereby declared to be a nuisance and injurious to the health of the inhabitants of the township.
The existence of presence of any accumulation of garbage, refuse, manure, compost or animal or vegetable matter in which fly larvae or pupae may breed or exist thereby tending to increase a troublesome fly population, which shall include but not be limited to the following:
Manure stored or accumulated within 100 feet of a residence or dwelling of other person or persons, or within 50 feet of a well.
Premises which do not practice adequate, currently recommended fly control measures during the fly breeding season, nor the sanitary disposal of dead animals or fowl, nor the sanitary maintenance of the premises.
This provision [2.1(H)] shall not be construed to prevent farmers, gardeners, or animal or fowl owners from accumulating or storing manure or compost on their property, for the purpose of spreading it on their fields and gardens as needed for fertilizer when the standards herein have otherwise been met.
Persons engaged in construction or engineering or other related occupations within the township when and while permanent approved sewage treatment facilities, private or public, are not required, who shall not provide at the site of activity of such construction, engineering or other related occupation, nor provide nearby to be used by them, sanitary toilet facilities, permanent or temporary in nature for themselves, their agents, servants or employees so as to prevent the deposit of excremental matter in or on the surface of the ground or well, spring, stream, lake or other body of water or water courses.