Town of McCandless, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 948, passed 2-23-1987]
The purpose of the R-1 District is to provide areas of large lots for single-family dwellings. Only one dwelling is permitted on each lot. An R-1 lot within a subdivision may be used as a neighborhood park or playground when authorized by the Town Council as a conditional use. (See Section 1315.07).
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978; Ord. 906, passed 5-28-1985; Ord. 1004, passed 3-27-1989; Ord. 1120, passed 5-23-1994]
Lot area (unless it is part of a plan recorded prior to November 30, 1971)
20,000 square feet min.
Lot width at building line
100 feet min.
If part of plan recorded prior to November 30, 1971
75 feet min.
Front yard depth
35 feet min.
Rear yard depth
40 feet min.
Side yard width:
One-story dwelling
15 feet min.
Two-story dwelling
20 feet min.
Abutting a street
25 feet min.
Height of building
45 feet max.
Height of accessory facilities within 100 feet of lot line
15 feet max.
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978; Ord. 1177, passed 12-16-1996]
No dwelling shall be more than two stories in height on any side facing a street nor more than three stories in height on any other side.
The attic or other space immediately under a sloped roof constitutes a story if the space has one or more windows on the side under consideration.
The driveway shall not be included in determining the average elevation of the ground.
[Ord. 1004, passed 3-27-1989; Ord. 1127, passed 8-22-1994; Ord. 1235, passed 7-17-2000]
A garage, greenhouse for personal use, storage or utility building, swimming pool, tennis court, satellite dish, animal enclosure, and leash run for household pets or privacy screen is permitted in the rear yard but not closer than 15 feet to any lot line nor closer than 25 feet to any road right-of-way. The total area of accessory buildings shall not exceed 25% of the total rear yard. A privacy screen is also permitted in the side yard, provided it meets the above requirements.
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978]
The following accessory uses are permitted:
Rental of rooms without cooking facilities. The number of non-family roomers is limited to two per dwelling unit.
A home occupation by the resident. No one living outside the home may be employed nor any commodity sold or warehoused.
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978]
Council may authorize a non-profit swimming club on an R-1 lot as a conditional use if the requirements in Section 1327.03 are met, provided in its opinion the existence of such a swimming club would be an improvement rather than a detriment to the residential character of the neighborhood. This decision may be part of the subdivision approval.
Editor's Note: Former § 1315.07, Conditional use: neighborhood park or playground, was repealed 2-26-1990 by Ord. No. 1027.
[Ord. 1027, passed 2-26-1990]
An area at least equal to 800 square feet per dwelling unit shall be provided for active and/or passive recreation. In no event shall the total area provided be less than 20,000 square feet. Of this area, at least 400 square feet per dwelling unit shall be developed and prepared for specific uses.
The area shall be easily and safely accessible from all areas of the development to be served, have good ingress and egress and have a minimum of 100 feet of frontage on a public road.
The area shall have suitable topography and soil conditions for use as a recreation area. Water surfaces and continuously wet soils shall be deleted from the gross area for all calculations, unless the area is a floodplain.
Size and shape of the area shall be suitable for development as a park. No single side of a property with a rectangular configuration shall amount to more than 40% of the perimeter of the tract.
The area shall be easily accessible to essential utilities including power, water, sewerage and telephone. If any of these facilities are placed underground, no part of them or their supportive equipment shall protrude above ground level except as approved by Council.
The finished grade of the recreational area provided shall have a slope of 3% or less.
A dedication of this recreational area shall be made in accordance with Section 1371.12 of the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations or a fee of $400 per dwelling unit in lieu of the provision of active/passive recreational area within the development may be made in accordance with Section 1371.12 of the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations.
This section applies to subdivisions approved after the adoption of this section consisting of at least 48,000 square feet of which contain five or more lots.
[Ord. 1235, passed 7-17-2000]
Council may approve a farm on an R-1 zoned lot as a conditional use, provided the criteria stated in Section 1341.03 are met.
[Ord. 1235, passed 7-17-2000]
Council may approve riding horses and outdoor pets on an R-1 zoned lot as a conditional use, provided the criteria stated in Section 1341.031 are met.