Town of McCandless, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978]
The purpose of the C-7 District is to provide areas in addition to those provided in the C-3 District for professional type offices for use by doctors, dentists, therapists, lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, insurance firms, real estate firms, manufacturers' representatives, etc. A retail outlet for prescription drugs and eyeglasses is permitted in an office building primarily devoted to doctors' offices.
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978; Ord. 818, passed 5-18-1981; Ord. 1004, passed 3-27-1989; Ord. 1127, passed 8-22-1994]
The required standards are:
Gross lot area:
With public water and sewer
10,900 square feet min.
Without public water or sewer
20,000 square feet min.
Lot width at building line
Front yard depth:
75 feet min.
Abutting R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5 Districts and streets abutting such Districts
100 feet min.
Abutting all other zoning districts and/or all other streets
60 feet min.
Rear yard depth and/or side yard width:
Abutting R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5 Districts and streets abutting such Districts
100 feet min.
Abutting all other zoning districts
10 feet min.
Abutting all other streets
30 feet min.
Bufferyards, as described in Section 1314.04
Adjacent to residential districts and street rights of way abutting these districts.
Bufferyard G
Adjacent to all other street rights of way.
Bufferyard D
Adjacent to commercial and institutional.
As stated in Section 1314.04
35 feet max.
Coverage based on gross area
25% max.
[Ord. 741, passed 7-3-1978]
Access shall be from an arterial or collector road.
[Ord. 1334, passed 9-25-2006]
A Personal Storage Establishment/Facility meeting the following expressed criteria is permitted in a C-7 zoned district as a conditional use:
The site is a minimum of 4.0 acres.
Lot frontage on a public road is 200 feet minimum.
40% of the site remains pervious.
Wall surfaces (excluding doors) of buildings shall be constructed of brick, stone, split face block and/or glass.
The roofs are constructed of standing seam metal, color coordinated to the surrounding area.
The roof pitch shall be a minimum of 5:12.
Garage door colors must be consistent and coordinated with the buildings and roof colors.
Ratio of storage space to office space: Maximum of 3:1 square foot.
Front yard depth:
One hundred feet from R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5 and R-6 districts or street rights-of-way abutting those districts.
Abutting all other districts or streets abutting those districts is 60 feet.
Rear yard depth and/or side yard width:
Abutting R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5 and R-6 districts and streets abutting such districts is 200 feet minimum.
Abutting all other zoning districts and all other streets is 20 feet minimum.
Bufferyards as described in Section 1314.04.
Adjacent to residential districts and street rights-of-way abutting these districts: Bufferyard I.
Adjacent to all other street rights-of-way: Bufferyard I.
Adjacent to commercial and institutional: As stated in Section 1314.04.
A Bufferyard "A" landscaped island shall be placed between buildings. A twenty-foot break in the island may be provided.
A landscaping plan shall be submitted with the site plan showing the cited buffer area in accordance with Section 1313.02. The buffer shall exist around the entire perimeter of the site.
Height: 25 feet maximum.
Building coverage based on gross area is 25% maximum.
Road access shall be from an arterial or collector street.
Distance from face of building to face of building:
Thirty feet minimum for units less than 15 feet in depth.
Fifty feet minimum for units 15 feet or more in depth.
Distance from end of building to end of building: 20 feet minimum.
Maximum length of building: 120 feet.
Maximum facility unit size: 15 feet wide, 45 feet deep. If units are placed back, the maximum width of the building shall not exceed 40 feet.
The driveway width between buildings shall be a minimum of 15 feet.
All driveways shall be paved.
The site shall be fenced around its perimeter. The fence shall not be chain link and must be coordinated with the required buffers. The fence must be approved by Town Council.
Lighting shall not interfere with surrounding area or distract traffic.
A fire hydrant shall be provided on site with the location to be determined by the Town.
Fire truck access via designated fire lanes shall be provided to the front and rear of buildings.
No storage may take place outside of the building.
Personal storage units shall not have water or sanitary sewer service.
No signs may be placed on the buildings or their rooftops. Freestanding or monument signs conforming to C-7 sign regulations denoting the site shall be the only type of sign permitted.
The design of personal storage facilities shall be by a registered Pennsylvania architect.
Hours of operation shall be no earlier than 7:00 a.m. or later than 9:00 p.m.
A caretaker may reside on a personal storage site in a residence compliant with the building code in effect at the time of approval.
No hazardous materials or substances are permitted in personal storage facilities beyond the allowances of the Building Code or Fire Code. Both the landlord and the tenant of such personal storage facility shall be responsible for the prevention of the storage of hazardous materials or substances in personal storage facilities that would be beyond the allowance of the Building Code or the Fire Code.
A public restroom meeting the requirements of Town Building Code must be on-site and accessible during the hours of operation.