Borough of Fair Haven, NJ
Monmouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[2002 Code § 6.08.020]
As used n this Article:
Shall mean any person or agency designated or certified to enforce this chapter.
Shall mean any cat which has attained the age of seven months, or which possesses a set of permanent teeth.
Shall mean every person having guardianship of a cat, and every person who has a cat in his/her keeping, or who harbors or maintains a cat or knowingly permits a cat to remain on or about the premises occupied by that person.
Shall mean the agency or department of the Borough or any designated representative charged with administering the issuance and/or revocation of permits and licenses under the provisions of this Article.
Shall mean rendered permanently incapable of reproduction as certified by a licensed veterinarian.
[2002 Code § 6.08.030A]
Vaccination and Licensing Requirements. No person shall own, keep or harbor, or maintain any cat over seven months of age within the Borough unless the cat is vaccinated and licensed.
[2002 Code § 6.08.030B, C, D]
Vaccination. All cats must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the latest "Compendium of Animal Rabies Vaccines and Recommendations for Immunization," published by the National Association of State Public Health.
Exemptions. Any cat may be exempted from the requirements of the vaccination for a specified period of time by the local Board of Health, upon presentation of a veterinarian's certificate stating that because of an infirmity or other physical condition, or regimen or therapy, the inoculation of the cat is inadvisable.
Vaccination Certificate. A certificate of vaccination shall be issued to the guardian of each cat vaccinated on a form recommended by the State.
[2002 Code § 6.08.040A]
Any person who owns, keeps or harbors a cat of licensing age, shall annually apply for and procure from the Municipal Clerk a license and official registration tag for each cat showing license number and date, month, day and year of issuance, for each cat owned, kept, or harbored, and shall place upon the cat a collar with the license securely fastened. Acceptable methods of displaying license tag include but are not limited to elastic or break away collars. License tags are not transferable.
[2002 Code § 6.08.040; New]
Time for Applying for License. The owner of any newly acquired cat of licensing age or of any cat which attains licensing age, shall apply for a license tag within 10 days after such acquisition or age attainment. This requirement will not apply to a nonresident keeping a cat within the Borough for any period less than 30 days.
Applications for renewal licenses shall be made before the last day of January of each year. The license and registration tag shall expire on January 31 of the year following the year in which it was issued.
[2002 Code § 6.08.040C]
The application shall state the breed, sex, age, color, and markings of the cat for which license and registration are sought, and whether it is of a long or short haired variety. The application shall state the name and address of the guardian or person who will keep the cat. The information on the application and the registration number issued for the cat shall be preserved for a period of three years by the Clerk or other official designated to license cats in Fair Haven.
[2002 Code § 6.08.050A]
The Clerk shall not grant any license or official registration tag for any cat unless the guardian of the cat provides evidence that the cat has been inoculated with a rabies vaccine of a type approved by and administered in accordance with recommendations of the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Human Services or has been certified exempt as provided by subsection 5-9.2b.
[2002 Code § 6.08.050B; Ord. No. 2007-6; Ord. No. 2008-03; Ord. No. 2008-18; Ord. No. 2010-01; Ord. No. 2010-20]
(Fees restated at subsection 2-56.1, Fee Schedule.)
A license shall be issued after payment of a fee of $7 for each spayed or neutered cat and $9 for each nonspayed or nonneutered cat.
Persons who fail to obtain a license as required within the time period specified in this section will be subject to a delinquent fee of $5 per month.
[2002 Code § 6.08.050C]
License from another municipality shall be accepted. Only one license and registration tag shall be required in the licensing year for any cat. Any valid New Jersey tag issued by a New Jersey municipality may be accepted by Fair Haven as proof of compliance.
[2002 Code § 6.08.050D]
Proof of licensing shall be produced by any person owning, keeping, maintaining, or harboring a cat upon the request of any Health Official, Police Officer, Animal Control Authority or other authorized person.
[2002 Code § 6.08.010]
No person who owns, keeps, harbors or maintains any cat shall permit or suffer it to do any damage to any person, fowl or domestic animal.
No person who owns, keeps, harbors or maintains any cat shall permit or suffer it to do any damage to or to soil or defile any lawn, shrubbery, garden, flowers, grounds or property of any person other than the person owning, keeping, harboring or maintaining such cat.
[2002 Code § 6.08.060]
The guardian of a cat is strictly liable to control the cat or cats as required by this section. This means that the penalty for violation of these regulations is imposed without regard to any wrongful intention of the violator. It is unlawful for the guardian of a cat or cats to violate any of the following regulations. The guardian of a cat or cats shall prevent the cats from:
Being accessible to other cats while in heat for the purposes other than controlled or planned breeding;
Running at large when the cat has not been neutered or spayed, and the cat is seven months of age or older;
Not having a current license;
Not being currently inoculated from rabies.
[2002 Code § 6.08.070A; Ord. No. 2008-10; New]
Any person convicted of violating any of the provisions of this Article shall be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, Section 1-5, except that violations of the license requirements set forth in this Article shall be liable to a penalty of $50 for each unlicensed cat. After once having been convicted of a violation of this chapter, subsequent violations shall require a court appearance.
[2002 Code § 6.08.070B; Ord. No. 2008-10 § II]
The Police Department or Animal Control Authority of the Borough shall be responsible for enforcement of this Article.
[2002 Code § 6.08.050E]
No person shall hinder, molest, or interfere with anyone authorized or empowered to perform any duty under this Article. No unauthorized person shall attempt to perform the duties of this Article.