County of York, VA
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The purpose of the preliminary plan is to display graphically the data necessary to review the entire development, as planned and proposed, and to coordinate its development with adjacent existing or potential development. Preliminary plans shall be reviewed to determine that the proposed development conforms with all applicable ordinances, regulations and policies of the County and other review agencies and to assist the subdivider with respect to the overall plan of development. The intent of the preliminary plan is not to develop fully-engineered construction drawings, but to provide a generalized layout and design of sufficient detail to determine that all applicable standards can be met and that the subdivision will be integrated into the overall pattern of development within the surrounding community.
[Ord. No. 05-33, 12-20-2005; Ord. No. 09-17, 8-18-2009; Ord. No. 17-11, 9-19-2017]
The subdivider shall submit to the agent 13 folded copies of the preliminary plan on twenty-four inch by thirty-six inch blue-line or black-line prints at a scale of 100 feet to the inch, except in cases where the agent has approved an alternate scale to facilitate showing the entire development on a single sheet. Where more than one sheet is used, sheets shall be numbered in sequence and match-lines shall be provided and labeled.
The following information shall be shown on or appended to the preliminary plan:
The name of the subdivision, owner, subdivider, surveyor, date of drawing, number of sheets and graphic (bar) scale. Unless otherwise excepted by the agent, the side line of each sheet shall be a north-pointing (from bottom to top) grid line. If true north is used, the method of determination shall be shown.
The location of the proposed subdivision on an inset map at a scale of not less than 2,000 feet to the inch showing adjoining roads, their names and numbers, towns, subdivisions, watercourses, and other landmarks. Such inset map shall be oriented north.
The boundary of the property.
A table of land use and statistical data, including:
The total acreage of the property or properties to the nearest acre;
The acreage of the area to be subdivided to the nearest acre;
The zoning district classification;
A summary of the zoning district requirements including minimum lot size, yard and setback requirements, open space, and any other pertinent requirements;
The acreage and percentage of the total area which is classified as undevelopable area as defined in § 24.1-203 of the zoning ordinance;
The acreage and percentage of the total area anticipated to be included within common areas;
The acreage and percentage of the total area anticipated to be maintained as landscaped open space;
The acreage and percentage of the total area anticipated to be contained within road rights-of-way;
The acreage and percentage of the total area anticipated to be impervious surface area for the entire subdivision and also the area of anticipated impervious cover for each lot;
The acreage and percentage of the total area anticipated to be included in the resource protection area and resource management area; the acreage of buildable area outside of the RPA on each lot as required by § 23.2-7(c) of this code.
The number of lots;
The maximum, minimum, and average lot areas.
The approximate location of any primary geodetic control network monument within the boundaries of the tract or adjacent thereto.
The names of owners, locations of existing property lines, zoning classifications, and parcel identification numbers of all parcels within the boundaries of the tract and for all properties adjacent thereto.
All existing and platted streets and public rights-of-way, their names, numbers and widths (both pavement and right-of-way). The preliminary plan shall also show the location (either graphically or by description) of all existing and planned driveways or other entrances onto public streets within 500 feet of the proposed subdivision.
The general layout and design of the street circulation system shall be shown including proposed widths, names, functional classifications, and such other information as may be required by the Virginia Department of Transportation for conceptual sketch review pursuant to the Virginia Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements (24VAC30-92-70).
The general location and extent of all existing and proposed utilities and easements, including landscape, preservation or conservation easements, public areas, and parking spaces. All existing and planned fire hydrants located within 600 feet of the property shall also be shown or described.
All proposed lots, approximate lot areas, blocks, phases, and building setback lines.
Existing site topography at a contour interval of no more than five feet based on mean sea level including existing site development.
A master drainage plan showing the proposed major drainage system, including significant existing and proposed structures and major stormwater management facilities proposed to convey the subdivision drainage to an adequate channel, pipe or stormwater system. The preliminary plan shall be required to include only approximate sizing of major pipes and ditches, general location and extent of all existing and proposed drainage utility easements, and the location and approximate dimensions of significant existing or proposed stormwater management facilities.
The approximate location of any floodplain area as depicted on the flood insurance rate map (FIRM) for York County, Virginia including the flood hazard zone designation(s) and elevation(s).
The approximate location and identification by size and common name of all heritage, memorial, and/or specimen trees located within proposed rights-of-way or utility easements.
The approximate location and extent of any known or suspected archaeological sites, historic sites, cemeteries, individual grave sites, and other similar cultural resources and including, as an attachment, a narrative description of the resource and its potential significance.
Identification of any portion or portions of the property which are located in the Watershed Management and Protection Area, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area or a sensitive natural area, as defined in § 24.1-260(d) of the zoning ordinance.
All parcels of land to be dedicated for public use and the conditions, if any, of such dedication.
[Ord. No. 05-33, 12-20-2005]
In addition to the information required to be shown on the preliminary plan, the following materials shall be submitted to the agent at the time of application to supplement the plan sheets:
Three copies of impact analyses as may be required by Article VIII of this chapter.
Three copies of a Natural Resources Inventory as described in Chapter 23.2 including preliminary wetlands delineations.
A disclosure statement containing the following information:
A statement as to the title to all of the land comprising the subdivision or development, including all deed restrictions and covenants which are, or are proposed to be, applicable thereto.
A statement as to the presence of any known environmental or health hazards on or within the property and the condition of such hazards, including responsibility and potential effect on human health and the natural environment.
Where phases are proposed, a development schedule shall be submitted which shall clearly delineate the proposed phases and include a proposed schedule for the provision of improvements and facilities in conjunction with the proposed phases.
The format of plan sheets submitted shall be in conformance with Figure III-A.