County of York, VA
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The purpose of the final plat is to provide a detailed map of the subdivision which shall establish that clear title exists and, upon recordation, shall provide sufficient and adequate information to transfer title to all property dedicated to public use and allow for the eventual transfer of title of the individual lots created by the subdivision.
[Ord. No. 05-33, 12-20-2005; Ord. No. 11-13(R), 11-16-2011; Ord. No. 17-11, 9-19-2017]
The subdivider shall submit to the agent 13 folded copies of the final plat on blue-line or black-line prints at a scale of 100 feet to the inch except in cases where the agent has approved an alternate scale. Where more than one sheet is used, sheets shall be numbered in sequence and matchlines shall be provided and labeled. The size of any final plat shall be 18 inches by 24 inches.
The following information for the subdivision or part thereof shall be shown on the face of the final plat:
The name of the subdivision, owner, subdivider, land surveyor, and the date of drawing, number of sheets, graphic (bar) scale and, if applicable, the phase designation. Unless otherwise excepted by the agent, the side line of each sheet shall be a north-pointing (from bottom to top) grid line and labeled as such. If true north is used, the method of determination shall be shown.
The location of the proposed subdivision or part thereof on an inset map at a scale of not less than 2,000 feet to the inch, showing adjoining roads, their names and state route numbers, towns, subdivisions, watercourses, and other landmarks. Said inset map shall be oriented north.
A boundary survey providing a closure within an accuracy of not less than one in 20,000 or which meets or exceeds Second Order, Class II standards, as determined by the Federal Geodetic Control Committee and contained in the current edition of the publication entitled, Classification, Standards of Accuracy, and General Specifications of Geodetic Control Survey.
The location of any primary geodetic control network monument within the boundaries of the tract or within two kilometers of the property with reference, identification and the X-Y coordinate value in U.S. survey feet or meters. Show and label the location(s) of the Primary Geodetic Control Monument(s) on the inset (vicinity) map.
All existing, platted and proposed streets and public rights-of-way, their names, numbers and widths (both pavement and right-of-way). The data of all curves along street frontages shall be shown at the curve or in a curve data table and shall contain the following:
Chord bearings.
Temporary culs-de-sac shall be shown and appropriately labeled to show both the permanent and the temporary portions of the right-of-way included.
All utility, public service corporation, and other easements, including landscape, preservation or conservation easements, public areas, and parking spaces. Easements shall be located and dimensioned by bearings and distances with curve data or X-Y coordinate values in U.S. survey feet or meters.
All proposed lots, lot areas, and building setback lines. All lots shall be located and dimensioned by bearings and distances with curve data or X-Y coordinate values in U.S. survey feet or meters.
The location of all approved private sewage disposal systems, including both primary and reserve locations, and a notation on any plat of property located in whole or in part within a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) indicating that any on-site sewage treatment system on such property must be pumped out at least once every five years.
The location of major stormwater management ponds or lakes.
The location of any floodplain area as depicted on the flood insurance rate map (FIRM) for the County as published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency including the flood hazard zone designation(s) and elevation(s) and any other information required by the floodplain management area provisions of the zoning ordinance for floodplain areas.
The location of any resource protection area, resource management area or watershed management area including delineation of all required buffers and setbacks and including a notation indicating that required buffers, and specifically the 100-foot RPA Buffer, are to remain undisturbed and vegetated, except for such modifications as may be authorized by § 23.2-9(d), York County Code, for reasonable sight-lines, access paths, shoreline erosion control best management practices, removal of dead or diseased trees or shrubbery, and other listed modifications. In the event the property is within any area designated as a RPA — Resource Protection Area, the plat shall also contain a notation indicating that development in the RPA is limited to water dependent facilities or redevelopment or is otherwise allowed pursuant to the terms of § 23.2-9(f), 23.2-10 or 23.2-11, York County Code, or is otherwise approved as a waiver under applicable code provisions.
The location of all proposed secondary ground control network monuments.
All parcels of land to be dedicated for public use or for the common use of the property owners.
The parcel identification number assigned to each lot, either within the boundaries of the lot itself or in tabular form.
The certificate of consent and dedication duly signed and notarized by all owners, including trustees, if any, in the format required by § 15.2-2264, Code of Virginia.
The certificate duly signed by a land surveyor setting forth the source of title in accordance with § 15.2-2262, Code of Virginia, and certifying that the monuments and survey markers shown on the plat have been correctly located and installed.
An approval block for the signature of the agent on behalf of the County.
[Ord. No. 05-33, 12-20-2005; Ord. No. 17-11, 9-19-2017]
In addition to the information required to be shown on the face of the final plat, the following materials shall be submitted to the agent provided, however, that any document previously submitted, and which has not substantially changed, shall not be required to be resubmitted unless expressly requested by the agent in writing:
A copy of the documents for any property owners association proposed to be created or expanded and which would apply to the lots created by the subdivision. Such documents shall be prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code of Virginia.
A copy of any other documentation which establishes responsibility for maintenance or perpetuation of any feature or element within the subdivision including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, streetlights, landscaping, drainage facilities, or common elements.
A disclosure statement as required by § 20.5-48(c)(2) of this chapter, except that if no change has occurred since its previous submission, a new statement shall not be required.
A statement, certified by a duly licensed attorney, defining and describing who has title to each tract of land contained within the subdivision and specifically describing any title defects or encumbrances affecting, or potentially affecting, any portion of the property proposed to be dedicated to public use.
Unless previously submitted, evidence as required by § 20.5-53(f) that environmental permits have been obtained or are unnecessary.
The format of plan sheets submitted shall be in conformance with Figure V-A.
Plats submitted to the agent for final approval and recordation shall be clearly and legibly drawn in dark black ink upon 0.004 mil or thicker polyester based drafting film with a matte finish on both sides and having a sheet size of 18 inches by 24 inches. In accordance with the Standards for Recorded Instruments of the Virginia State Library Board, the following preparation standards shall apply:
All drawing, lettering, and inscription shall be in permanent black ink and shall be solid, dense, uniform, sharp, unglazed, and on one side of the sheet only.
All signatures shall be in black or dark blue permanent ink.
Lettering and line weight shall be no less than 0.013 inches or 0.3302mm.
Lettering shall be no less than one-tenth inch or 2.54mm in height.
Letter and line spacing shall be no less than 0.040 inches or 1.016mm.
All plats shall have centering marks on each side.
Margins shall be at least one-fourth inch on all sides.
All shading or screening shall be eliminated over written data.
Good drafting practice shall be followed when eliminating ghost lines and when doing erasures.
The subdivider shall submit three reproducible copies of the approved final plat, prepared in accordance with the requirements established in § 20.5-60 of this chapter, to the agent for signature and recordation. All plats submitted to the agent shall be complete including the following:
All required signatures and notarizations, except that of the agent, shall have been affixed to each copy.
Copies of all deeds, covenants, agreements, easements, performance guarantees or other certificates or instruments which have been required by the agent or are intended for recordation in conjunction with the plat, complete with all required seals, shall be submitted. Plats of easements for off-site easements shall be of a format in conformance with Figure V-B.
Recordation fees in an amount sufficient to cover the recordation costs of the plat and other instruments shall be submitted.
If, subsequent to recordation, errors are discovered in the information contained in the record plat, the agent shall require the subdivider to prepare and submit, together with the requisite recordation fees, a corrected record plat containing all required signatures, notarizations and seals. Such corrected record plat shall, subsequent to review and approval by the agent be recorded, and the previously recorded plat shall have a notation written on its face indicating that it has been superseded with reference to the corrected record plat. There shall be no review fee for this process.