Borough of Sea Girt, NJ
Monmouth County
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[Ord. #603, A 1 § 1]
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Site Plan Regulations of the Borough of Sea Girt."
[Ord. #603, A 1 § 2]
The purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare; to secure safety from fire, flood, panic and other natural and man-made disasters; to provide adequate light, air and open space; to encourage the appropriate and effective expenditures of public funds by the coordination of public development with land use policies; to promote a desirable visual environment through creative development techniques and good civic design and arrangements; to promote the conservation of open space and valuable natural resources and to prevent degradation of the environment through improper use of land; to encourage coordination of the various public and private procedures and activities shaping land development with a view of lessening the cost of such development to the more efficient use of land; and to encourage orderly development and design consistent with the purposes and standards of the Zoning Ordinances of the Borough of Sea Girt.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 1]
Except as hereinafter provided, no building permit, zoning permit, or conditional use permit shall be issued for any building or use or enlargement of any building or use, unless a site plan is submitted to the Borough Engineer and approved by the approving authority as hereinafter provided, and no certificate of occupancy shall be issued unless all development conforms to the approved plan.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 2]
Single family dwellings and their permitted accessory buildings and structures are exempt from the requirements of this chapter.
The interior renovation or improvement of a building is exempt from the requirements of this chapter provided there is no change of use involved that would have a substantial impact on adjacent properties by way of parking, traffic, drainage or other considerations normally addressed in site plan review.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 3]
Each site plan submitted shall provide for the following:
Compliance with the Municipal Zoning Ordinances.
Streets within the land development shall be of sufficient width and suitable grade and suitably located to accommodate prospective traffic and to provide access for firefighting and emergency equipment to buildings and coordinated so as to compose a convenient system consistent with the Circulation Element of the Master Plan. No street shall be required of a width greater than 50 feet within the right-of-way lines unless the street constitutes an extension of an existing street of a greater width or already has been shown on the Master Plan at a greater width.
Adequate water supply, drainage, shade trees, sewerage facilities, and other utilities necessary for essential services to residents and occupants.
Any area reserved for public use shall be of suitable size, shape and location to serve its intended purpose.
Any area subject to flooding shall not be utilized for the location of any building or structure. Such determinations shall be made by the Municipal Engineer based on available data.
Adequate protection and conservation of soils.
Standards for the grading, improvement and construction of streets or driveways and for any required walkways, curbs, gutters, street lights, fire hydrants, and water, drainage, sewerage facilities and other improvements found necessary shall be as provided to the developer by the Municipal Engineer. Where certain utilities to be installed are under other governmental or authority jurisdictions, the standards shall be provided by those jurisdictions and shall be adhered to by the developer. A letter approving the proposed installation and a statement as to who will carry out the construction shall be required.
Any off-tract water, sewer, drainage, or street improvement, or easements therefor, required as a result of land development shall be paid for by the developer on a pro-rata basis at the discretion of the municipal agency.
All taxes and easements against the site shall be paid before final approval is given to any application, and the Planning Board may make this a condition of final approval.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 4]
Application. The developer shall submit to the Borough Engineer 15 copies of the completed application form and a filing fee as prescribed by ordinance. The applicant shall also submit 15 copies of a site plan, which shall be an accurate plot plan drawn to a scale of not less than 50 feet to the inch and showing the following information:
The lot and block number, exact area and exact dimensions of the property to be built upon.
Location and dimensions of all existing structures, buildings and roadways on the site and on adjacent properties, but only if the buildings or roadways are within 200 feet of the site.
The location, size and shape of all proposed buildings, structures, roadways, walkways, parking areas, fire zones, loading areas, buffer strip, outdoor lighting fixtures, fences, signs and landscaping.
Existing and proposed grading of the site shown by contour lines having a maximum vertical interval of two feet for areas having slopes of 10% or less and five feet for an area having slopes greater than 10%.
Existing and proposed natural or artificial drainage facilities for the disposal of surface storm water runoff.
Existing or proposed facilities for sewer disposal showing the location of proposed facilities or the point of connection with an existing system.
Existing or proposed facilities for the supply of water showing the location of wells or the point of connection with an existing public water supply.
A front elevation and floor plan of all proposed buildings and structures shall accompany each site plan.
Information pertaining to the nature of the proposed operations to be conducted on the site in sufficient detail to permit the appropriate Borough officials to determine whether or not the proposed use will be in compliance with the standards of this chapter.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 5]
The Borough Engineer shall promptly refer the site plan to the Planning Board for its review and recommendation, one copy to the Zoning Officer and the Fire Code Official for their review and recommendations to the Planning Board, and when the property abuts a County road, two copies to the Monmouth County Planning Board for its review pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:27-6.6 et seq. The site plan, the complete application form and filing fee shall be filed at least 28 days prior to the regular meeting at which the matter is to be heard by the Planning Board.
[Ord. #603, A 2 § 6]
Notice of the hearing for site plan approval shall be given by the applicant to all owners of real property, as shown on the current tax duplicate of the Borough of Sea Girt, within 200 feet in all directions from the property which is the subject of the hearing by serving a copy thereof on the property owner as shown on the current tax duplicate or his agent in charge of the property, or by mailing a copy thereof by certified mail to the property owner at his address as shown on the tax duplicate.
[Ord. #603, A 3]
The following standards are to be considered in the Planning Board's review:
The Planning Board shall review any site plan submitted under the requirements of this chapter for its overall conformity to Borough ordinances and for its adequacy in providing for good site design, particularly items such as ingress and egress, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, location and orientation of buildings, landscaping and buffer plantings, parking area and number, size and location of signs and other planning considerations.
The Planning Board shall also consider in its review the report from the Borough Engineer pertaining to the adequacy of proposed drainage facilities, water supply and sewerage facilities, paving requirements and any other engineering requirements.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Planning Board shall have the power to grant such exceptions from the requirements, or any portion thereof, for site plan approval as may be reasonable and within the general purpose and intent of the provisions for site plan review, if the literal enforcement of one or more provisions of the site plan requirements is impracticable or will exact undue hardship because of peculiar conditions pertaining to the land in question.
The Planning Board's approval or disapproval and the reasons therefor shall be set forth in a resolution adopted by it.
[Ord. #603, A 4]
Any and all ordinances or parts thereof in conflict or inconsistent with any of the terms and provisions of this chapter are hereby repealed to such extent as they are so in conflict or inconsistent, provided, however, that the adoption of this chapter shall not prevent or bar the continuance or institution of any proceedings for offenses heretofore committed in violation of any existing ordinances of the Borough of Sea Girt.