Borough of Woodbury Heights, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Woodbury Heights 3-11-63 as Ord. No. 63-2, Ch. 2. Amended in its entirety 10-20-99 by Ord. No. 20-1999. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
A Board of Health is hereby established in and for the Borough of Woodbury Heights in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S. 26:3-1 and as more particularly defined at N.J.S. 26:3-69.1.
The Board of Health shall consist of seven members holding the position of Mayor and Borough Council of the Borough of Woodbury Heights. The Mayor and Council shall be, by virtue of their elective office, members of the Board of Health to serve a term equal to and co-extensive with their terms of office as Mayor and Councilperson. Vacancies existing on the Board of Health shall be filled for unexpired terms only and in the same manner that vacancies are filled for positions of Mayor and Member of Borough Council.
The Board of Health may enact, amend or supplement ordinances establishing, amending or supplementing a code or any parts thereof by reference to such code in any such ordinance and without inclusion of the text thereof in such ordinance if the code to be adopted and any related documents are printed in book form and a copy of such printed code related documents so marked as to indicate plainly what portion thereof, if less than the whole, is intended to be adopted, is annexed to such ordinance and if such code and related documents or such portion thereof as is intended to be adopted is so described in said ordinance as to identify them and there is indicated in said description the common or trade name, if any, of such code and related documents and it is stated in the ordinance that three copies of said code and said related documents, similarly marked, have been placed on file in the office of the Clerk or other similar officer of said Local Board of Health upon the introduction of said ordinance and will remain on file there until final action is taken on said ordinance, for the use and examination of the public.
It shall not be necessary to publish any such code or related documents, so to be adopted, as part of any such ordinance notwithstanding that printed copies thereof are annexed thereto, either before or after the final passage of such ordinance, if said printed copies are filed as aforesaid. Ordinances, rules and regulations for the conduct of the business of the Board of Health and other actions adopted or taken by the Board of Health shall be in accordance with provisions of N.J.S. 26:3-69.1, et seq. and such other provisions of the statutes in such cases made and provided and all administrative regulations authorized thereby including, but not limited to, provisions of the New Jersey Administrative Code.
Consistent with provisions of N.J.S. 26:3-3, the Board of Health may, by ordinance, provide for the appointment of two alternate members and shall provide the method of appointment of such alternate members. Any alternate members so designated shall be, at the time of appointment, be appointed as "Alternate No. 1" and "Alternate No. 2." Alternate members, if appointed, shall be for terms of two years except that the term of alternate members first appointed shall be two years for Alternate No. 1 and one year for Alternate No. 2 in order that the term of not more than one alternate member shall expire in any one year.
This chapter shall be effective after final adoption and publication and as otherwise provided by law.
The Clerk of the Borough of Woodbury Heights shall act and serve as Clerk to the Woodbury Heights Board of Health.