Township of East Windsor, NJ
Mercer County
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Swimming pools may be regulated in the public interest under the general powers granted in R.S. 40:69A-29, 30.
As used in this chapter:
Shall mean all contiguous property of the same ownership.
Shall mean and include all private swimming pools which are permanently installed.
Shall mean and include all private swimming pools which are not permanent pools.
Shall mean and include any swimming or bathing pools or tanks, whether permanently installed, portable, collapsible or otherwise, having either an inside structural depth in excess of 24 inches, or a surface area in excess of 120 square feet, or constructed or maintained on any lot by any person for the use of himself, or any one or more members of his family, or guests of himself or his family.
No person shall install or construct a private swimming pool within the township without first having obtained a permit from the construction official based on conformance with the State Building Code and without having paid the fee duly established.
An application for a permit to construct a permanent swimming pool shall be made on forms required by the construction official and shall be accompanied by three sets of plans and specifications or proper descriptive brochures, together with a plot plan drawn to scale showing the entire lot on which the permanent private swimming pool is proposed to be constructed, and indicating the exact size, shape and location of the pool from the property lines and from all structures on the lot and adjacent lots.
An application for a permit to install a portable swimming pool shall be made on such forms as may be required by the construction official and shall be accompanied by a description giving the size, shape, capacity and materials of construction and the location on the lot. There shall be no fee for such a permit.
The construction official shall issue a permit for the construction and installation of a swimming pool providing the proposed installation will comply with the Uniform Construction Code and all relevant sections of township ordinances and regulations.
Physical connections between potable water systems and a private swimming pool or its circulation systems shall not be permitted. Potable water for make-up and filling purposes shall be introduced into a pool by means of a discharge pipe or hose turned downward either over a float-controlled surge tank or over the pool itself, having in either case an airgap of at least six inches between the orifice of the discharge pipe or hose and the pool or tank overflow level.
At the time of the application for a permit, the engineer shall make an examination of the lot and approve the means of water disposal proposed. In arriving at his determination, the engineer shall have due regard for the capacity of storm or sanitary sewers available to the lot on which the pool is to be constructed, the feasibility of dry wells, and the availability of streams or brooks or other surface drainage. Surface drainage shall not be permitted where such disposal of waste water will adversely affect any other properties.
All outside lights for illumination of the pool in the area devoted to the pool shall be installed and maintained to eliminate glare and annoyance to adjoining properties. All such illumination shall be extinguished during those hours when the pool is not in use.
Notwithstanding the provisions of any other township ordinance, every outdoor private swimming pool and every portable private swimming pool shall be enclosed by a fence of durable construction not less than four feet or more than six feet in height, the fence to be erected not less than a distance of four feet from the base of the pool. The wall of a building or structure may constitute part of the pool enclosure. No enclosure is required in the following cases:
A portable private swimming pool of at least four feet in height having a smooth outside wall with no fixed ladders, steps, handrails or structural protrusions; or
A portable private swimming pool if it has:
A sun deck or platform with a railing or fence as part of the platform or deck; and
A gate at the top of the access steps or ladder which can be secured by a padlock when the pool is not attended; and
Provided that no access to the pool may be gained by any other protrusions from any portion of the pool wall not so enclosed or secured.
The enclosure where required shall be provided with one or more substantial gates or doors of at least the height of the fence and the enclosure and gates or door shall be designed and constructed to reasonably prevent any person from gaining access beneath, through or over them. Every gate or door of the fence shall be kept securely locked at all times when the pool is not in use.
All areas surrounding the pool shall be made and kept neat and attractive to be in conformity with surrounding property, and no rubbish, debris or litter shall be permitted to remain or accumulate in or about the pool.
All pools shall be maintained and operated so that they do not cause noise, nuisances or annoyances to neighbors, property owners or citizens and residents of the township.
The construction official, engineer and health officer, or their representatives, shall have authority to make inspections of the construction and maintenance of the pool and surrounding area necessary from time to time to ascertain that there is compliance with this chapter and the requirements of the health and building codes.
Every private swimming pool constructed or to be constructed in the township shall at all times comply with the requirements of all health authorities having jurisdiction, and any nuisance or hazard to health which may exist or develop in or in consequence of or in connection with any such swimming pool shall forthwith be abated and removed by the owner of the lot on which the pool is located on receipt of notice from the construction official, health officer or other designated person so requiring.