Town of Fort Edward, NY
Washington County
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The Town Board may, after public notice and publication at least five (5) days prior to the effective date thereof in the official town newspaper and in other newspapers with general circulation in the town, adopt, by resolution, further procedural/administrative rules and regulations as the Board deems reasonable to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The Code Enforcement Official may also make recommendations to the Town Board to adopt, amend or appeal such rules and regulations as they may relate to the efficient administration and enforcement of the provisions of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. Such rules and regulations shall not conflict with the code, this chapter or any other provisions of law.
The Code Enforcement Official shall keep permanent official records of all transactions and activities conducted by him, including all applications received, plans approved, permits and certificates issued, fees charged and collected, inspection reports, all rules and regulations promulgated by the municipality and notices and orders issued. All such reports shall be public information open to public inspection during normal business hours.
The Code Enforcement Official shall submit to the Supervisor and Town Board a written report of all business conducted. Said report is to be submitted on a monthly basis or any periodic basis that the Supervisor or Town Board deems proper.
To effectuate implementation of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, the Town Board of the Town of Fort Edward is hereby authorized pursuant to Article 5G of the General Municipal Law to contract with any other municipality for services on an as-needed basis in the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.