City of Haverhill, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 6-24-1997 by Doc. 115]
No person other than an employee of the Highway Department working under the control and direction of the Director of Public Works shall lay, construct or repair any private or particular drain or connect such drain with a public or common sewer or drain or with any other private drain connected with a public or common sewer or drain unless he is duly licensed as a drainlayer by the City Council; and every such person so licensed shall execute and deliver to the City a bond in the sum of $25,000, in such form as the City Solicitor shall approve and with such surety or sureties as shall be satisfactory to the City Council, the bond to be conditioned to guarantee the faithful performance of all such work as he may undertake to execute, to make good any defects which may appear in any sewer, drain or street work done by him and to indemnify and save harmless the City and any person from all costs, actions, suits and claims whatsoever arising or occurring in consequence of any act or work done by him under any permit for such work granted by the City Council.
The annual fee for a drainlayer's license shall be $100.
[Amended 4-8-2003 by Doc. 57]
Each application shall include the name of the individual to be licensed; the individual's home and business address and telephone numbers, and the name of the business entity under which the individual conducts business, if any, and indicate whether the application is new or a renewal of an existing license. The application shall also provide for certification from the City Collector that any and all real estate or personal property taxes, fees and/or other charges due from either the individual and the business entity have been paid in full; shall indicate whether or not the required bond is on file and approved by the City Solicitor; and shall include zoning certification from the Building Inspector for the business address shown on the application, if located within Haverhill. In lieu of the zoning certification, the applicant may provide a copy of a valid business certificate. The City Engineer may also require any additional information deemed necessary to evaluate the applicant.
[Added 2-24-2009 by Doc. 23]
No person licensed by the City Council as a drainlayer shall allow his name to be used by any other person, either for the purpose of obtaining permits or for the purpose of doing any work under his license.
Any drainlayer violating any of the provisions of this chapter, of his license or of any permit under which he may do work shall, in addition to the general penalty provided for the violation of this code, forfeit his license.
No work of laying, constructing or repairing such drains or their appurtenances or of entering or connecting with public or common sewers or drains shall be commenced or allowed to continue unless the permit to do so is on the ground in the hands of the drainlayer or his employee, and all work shall be completed within a reasonable period of time.
In opening any public street or way, all materials for paving or ballasting shall be removed with the least possible injury or loss of the same and, together with the material excavated from the trench, shall be placed where they will cause the least practical inconvenience to the public or as may be directed by the Director of Public Works.