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Borough of Cresskill, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 1-1-1981 by Ord. No. 80-23-780 as Ch. 132, Art. IX, of the 1981 Code]
No person shall hereafter erect any dwelling, business or industrial or other building in the Borough without constructing in connection therewith a sidewalk and curb in the street fronting the building lot in accordance with the provisions of this article and with the Standard.
In special cases on secondary roads or streets or other streets where sidewalks do not presently exist, the Mayor and Council may, upon recommendation of the Planning Board, grant an exception to the sidewalk requirement of this section.
Every applicant for a building permit shall indicate on his plot plan all existing or proposed curbs and sidewalks and shall make no subsequent deviations therefrom without the approval of the Borough Engineer and the Construction Official.
[Amended 7-3-1984 by Ord. No. 84-14-880]
All sidewalks and curbs shall be built to lines and grades first approved by the Borough Engineer.
No certificate of occupancy shall be granted by the Construction Official unless and until the premises shall be completed and curbs and sidewalks, as provided in this section, have been completed, inspected and approved as to location, grade, materials and workmanship by the Borough Engineer.
[Amended 7-3-1984 by Ord. No. 84-14-880]
The fee payable by the applicant for inspecting such completed work shall be provided in § 230-98.
The owner or occupant of premises abutting any stone or concrete sidewalk shall maintain such sidewalk at all times in a good and passable condition at a grade which will prevent water accumulating thereon and shall replace any portion thereof which becomes broken and shall maintain the same so that the joints thereof are even. The surface of all concrete sidewalks shall be kept properly roughened so as not to become smooth and slippery.
In case any sidewalk becomes out of repair, the owner or occupant of the lands abutting such sidewalk shall forthwith, upon receipt of written notice from the Road Superintendent or Borough Engineer, repair or cause the same to be repaired and made in a good and passable condition and conform with the requirements of the preceding section.
Any person doing or causing any injury or damage to any street, curb, sidewalk or sidewalk area shall cause the same to be repaired forthwith.
[Amended 10-2-2002 by Ord. No. 02-12-1954]
No person shall ride, drive or pass over or along any sidewalk with horses, automobiles, motortrucks, motorcycles or bicycles, provided that this section shall not prevent the use of driveways or the crossing of a sidewalk at right angles for the purpose of entering upon property. In all such cases the curb and the sidewalk shall be protected against injury or damage. Children riding bicycles on sidewalks shall be excepted from the provisions of this section.
No person shall place any bridging over any gutter or any pipe or place any other obstruction in any gutter without first obtaining a written permit therefor.
[Amended 3-16-2005 by Ord. No. 05-03-1290]
No person, except the municipality, shall place or permit to be placed upon any sidewalk any object or thing that shall in any manner utilize sidewalk space or otherwise render travel upon the same dangerous or unsafe. The municipality reserves to itself and such others as it may permit upon site plan variance issued by the Planning Board the right to locate chairs, benches, bike racks, trees, bus stations, signs, poles and such else as it may deem appropriate in the sidewalk space.
No person shall place or maintain any awning extending over any sidewalk, which when lowered shall be less than seven feet above such sidewalk.
Temporary awnings may be erected across a sidewalk and permitted to remain for a period not to exceed 24 hours, provided that the same shall be securely fastened and shall be so arranged as to permit unobstructed travel along the sidewalk.
No person shall lower the curb and change the grade of a sidewalk for the purpose of providing a driveway across such sidewalk without a permit therefor. The fee for such a permit shall be as provided in § 230-98, which includes inspection by the Road Superintendent after completion.