Township of Robbinsville, NJ
Mercer County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township of Washington (now Township of Robbinsville) 12-31-2001 by Ord. No. 2001-37 as § 4-2 of the 2001 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
No person shall show forth, exhibit, act or perform on any public stage or at any public room, grove, picnic ground, fair or benefit within the Township, for any gain or reward, any play, moving picture, interlude, farce or play of any like kind or like show or exhibition whatsoever or any concert of music, either vocal or instrumental, or any such like performance or any game or trick, juggling, sleight of hand or any feats of uncommon dexterity of body or any such like shows or exhibitions, without first having obtained a license for that purpose as hereinafter provided for, under the penalty hereinafter provided for in this chapter.
No person shall hold, conduct or operate any fair, benefit, carnival, festival, harvest home or any such like benefit within the Township without a license for that purpose as hereinafter provided for, under the penalty hereinafter set forth.
No person shall operate, conduct or maintain any public dance hall, public dancing pavilion, merry-go-round, flying circus, swings or public amusement ground, for any price, gain or reward or hire, without a license for the purpose as hereinafter provided for.
No person shall show forth or exhibit or cause to be shown forth or exhibited at any place whatever in the Township, for any price, gain or reward, any beast or animal or menagerie or collection of beasts or animals or any such like shows or exhibitions or any circus or any curiosity or curiosities of nature or art or any shows or exhibitions of any kind whatever, without having first obtained a license for that purpose as provided for herein, under the penalty provided for in this section.
No person shall show, set forth or exhibit or cause to be shown, set forth or exhibited, at any place whatever in the Township, any parachute jumping performance from airplanes or balloons, without first obtaining a license therefor, as provided herein, and under the penalty provided in this chapter, which license shall particularly state the time and place where such parachute jumping performance is to be given or exhibition of parachute jumping held, whether the same is combined with airplane rides or from towers or other devices.
Nothing in this chapter contained shall apply to fairs, shows, benefits, concerts, festivals and exhibitions and lectures conducted by the school and churches of the Township, upon or adjacent to the premises of the schools or churches, for the use or benefit of the schools or churches or for the benefit of charities of the schools or churches.
Licenses provided for by this chapter shall be issued by the governing body, in its discretion, on application made in writing by the person or persons or corporation applying for the same, which application, when made by a corporation, shall specify the names of the officers of the corporation who will be in active charge of the license privilege applied for, and when applied for in the name of unincorporated organizations, the license may be applied for and issued to the members of the committee of the organization applying for the same under their proper personal names, describing them as the "Carnival Committee of ______________," etc., or as the case may be, and such persons or committee to whom such license may be issued shall be responsible for the observance of its conditions and the maintenance of good order. All applicants for such licenses shall, on the application, state their addresses, and in the case of corporations they shall include the addresses of the chief officers of the corporation. Every license granted shall be countersigned by the Municipal Clerk and shall set forth the place or places in which such show, exhibition or enterprise shall be authorized to be held and the time during which it may continue and the price or prices which may be demanded for admission to the same, and such license shall not take effect until the license fee shall be paid to the Municipal Clerk. The license shall designate the license fee to be charged for each day the license shall continue, and it shall be provided in such license that the same may be revoked if the exhibition, amusement or enterprise licensed therein shall become disorderly or if any of the restrictions contained in the license shall be violated or should lotteries or games of chance be permitted on the premises where such licensed show or exhibition shall be conducted.
The maximum license fee per day for amusements, shows and exhibitions shall be as provided in Chapter 109, Fees.
Any person obtaining a license as provided for in this chapter, who shall violate or suffer to be violated any of the conditions or restrictions contained in the license, or who shall suffer or permit his, her, its or their place of exhibition or amusement to become disorderly, shall forfeit and pay the penalty hereinafter provided for.
Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, Article II, General Penalty.