Township of Robbinsville, NJ
Mercer County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The purpose of this article shall be to regulate the installation, maintenance, repair, and control of receptacles used for the private collection of garbage, rubbish, paper, and trade waste.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The refuse or residue of animal or vegetable matter that has been used as food and all refuse, animal, or vegetable matter, including carcasses and parts of dead animals. It shall include fowl, manure, decayed vegetables, fruit, or any condemned food.
Newspapers, periodicals, cardboard, and all wastepaper.
All collection that is not performed by or on behalf of the Township.
Barrels, cans, dumpsters, and all other containers designated to hold garbage, rubbish, paper, and trade waste.
All miscellaneous matter, such as refrigerators, bottles, rags, mattresses, worn-out furniture, old clothes, shoes, broken glass, leather, carpets, crockery, metal, rubber, cut grass, leaves, tree branches, lumber, or any materials that may accumulate as the result of building operations.
All materials resulting from any business, trade, or industry.
Suitable receptacles required. The owner, agent, lessor, or landlord of every dwelling, apartment, hotel, rooming house, store, business, building, market, restaurant, or other premises in the Township where garbage, rubbish, paper, or trade waste is accumulated and privately collected shall provide and keep on such premises sufficient and suitable metal receptacles, or metal dumpsters, or metal cans, or metal barrels with tight-fitting covers for these containers for receiving and holding the above-mentioned materials.
Filling, covering and cleaning of receptacles. All receptacles used for the purpose described in this article at no time shall be filled higher than one inch below the top, and when so filled, shall be promptly emptied or removed by the private collector. All receptacles shall be kept covered at all times and in an upright position. All receptacles shall be disinfected and deodorized after each and every collection with such disinfectant and deodorizer prescribed by the Division of Health.
Placement for collection. All receptacles awaiting collection shall be stored or kept in such places so as not to become a nuisance.
Condition of vehicles. All vehicles used in the private collection of garbage, rubbish, paper, or trade waste traveling through the streets of the Township shall have a good and tight body and, when loaded, shall be securely covered with a type of cover approved by the Township so as to prevent their contents from being scattered upon the streets. Each vehicle shall be equipped to disinfect and deodorize all receptacles upon each and every collection.
Storage of vehicles. When not in use, all vehicles and all implements shall be stored and kept in some place where no needless offense shall be given to any of the inhabitants of the Township.
Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, Article II, General Penalty.