Town of Geddes, NY
Onondaga County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Geddes 4-8-1974 as Ch. 41 of the 1974 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Amusements — See Ch. 60.
Animals — See Ch. 65.
Bicycles — See Ch. 75..
Bingo — See Ch. 80.
Firearms and explosives — See Ch. 110.
Junk dealers and junkyards — See Ch. 130.
Littering — See Ch. 135.
Noise — See Ch. 140.
Nuisances — See Ch. 142.
No person shall make or assist in making any improper noise or any disturbance or loud noises or commit any breach of peace in the streets of the town or elsewhere in the town, and no persons shall collect in bodies or crowds in the streets or on the sidewalks for any unlawful purpose or for any purpose to the annoyance or disturbance of citizens.
No person shall disturb any congregation or assembly of people met for religious worship by making a noise or by rude or indecent behavior or profane discourse, within a place of worship or so near the same as to disturb the order and solemnity of the meeting.
No person shall use any scandalous or lewd language to any other person or of or concerning any person in the hearing of others, or shall make any immodest, lewd or otherwise indecent sign or commit any other immodest, lewd or indecent act in the presence of any other person.
No person shall conduct himself in a boisterous, rude, insulting or otherwise disorderly manner, by either words or acts, toward any other person with the intent to abuse or annoy such person, or so as to annoy the citizens of the town or any portion thereof and disturb the good order and quiet of the same.
No person shall solicit alms in the town for any purpose whatever without permission of the Supervisor.
No person shall carry about his or her person any dirk, bowie knife, sword or spear, cane pistol, revolver, jimmy, sling shot, brass knuckles, razor or any weapon, instrument or thing likely to produce grievous bodily harm. No person shall have or carry in or upon the public streets and public places of the town any deadly or dangerous weapon, instrument or thing with intent to do bodily harm therewith to any person.
No person shall ring any gong or bell, except church or school bell, or cry any auction in any street, lane or alley or upon any sidewalk, or upon any piazza, step or platform immediately adjoining any sidewalk, lane or alley in the town; no tenant or occupant of any dwelling shall suffer any gong or bell to be rung as a call or signal upon any street, lane or alley adjoining any sidewalk in said town.
No person shall play ball, beat, knock or drive any ball or fly any kite in any public street or square in said town, or coast or slide down any sidewalk or street upon any sled, sleigh or board without permission of the Town Board.
No person shall leave his wife and children a burden on the public or neglect to support his wife and children.
No person shall be in a state of intoxication in any highway, street, alley or public place in the city, or in any private house or place to the annoyance of any person.
No person shall carry advertising boards or placards through the streets of the town without permission from the Supervisor or Town Board.
No person shall fling or throw any stone, pebble, ice or snowball or any hard or hurtful substance or thing by hand or foot or by any air gun or other instrument within the bounds of the town.
No person, society or organization of any name or nature shall assemble, congregate, parade or march in or through any of the streets of the town, with or without banners, transparencies or other devices, without permission of the Supervisor or the Town Board.[1]
Editor's Note: As to circus or similar parades, see Ch. 60, § 60-8.
Expectorating upon the floors of public buildings, street cars, public conveyances and in any public place within the town limits is hereby forbidden.
Any person offending the provisions of this section shall be subject to a fine of not less than $2 nor more than $5.
No person shall use, open or draw water from or in any manner interfere with any hydrant in the Town of Geddes without permission in writing from the water commissioners of said water district or from the association operating said hydrant or, in the event said line is operated by the Village of Solvay, then and in that event from the Mayor of said Village of Solvay.
No person shall extinguish, destroy or remove any signal light placed in or adjacent to any street, park or alley or public grounds of the town as a warning of danger.
No person shall break, injure, deface or molest any lamp, lamppost, globe burner or any part of a fixture belonging to any gas or oil lamp or electric light belonging to the town or to any company, person or corporation, or shall, without authority, extinguish any street light in any street, lane, alley, public square or park within the town, or fasten any placard, handbill, poster or notice, or sign of any kind, or any article of goods or merchandise upon or against or in any manner connect the same with any lamp or lamppost, electric light or telephone pole in the town or make any other use of such lamp or lamppost or pole at any time.
No person shall remove, mutilate, disturb, cover or in any way interfere with or render inaccessible any land monument or cover thereto within the limits of the town without the permission of the Town Engineer or Supervisor in writing.
On and after January 1, 1940, it shall be unlawful to sell or expose for sale or buy or exchange or give away or have in possession any balloon made or intended to contain fire for purpose of ascension, or send or cause to ascend any balloon containing in or about it any fire, but this section shall not apply to any balloon in which a human being shall ascend or which shall be intended for use in such ascension.
No person shall keep or maintain or be an inmate of or in any way connected with or in any way contribute to the support of any disorderly house or house of ill fame or knowingly own or be interested as proprietor or landlord of any such house.
No person shall keep or be an inmate of a gambling house or room or visit such gambling house or room. No person shall have or keep or permit to be used in any building or place in the town occupied or controlled by such person any keno table or roulette table, faro bank, shuffleboard, bagatelle, playing cards or any instrument or device or thing used for gambling whereon or with which money, liquor or other articles shall in any manner be played for.
No owner or keeper of or any person within such gambling house or room shall refuse to permit the Supervisor, Justice of the Peace or any peace officer to enter the same, or shall obstruct or resist any of the aforesaid officers or persons summoned by them to assist in entering such place or in the destruction of any such instruments or devices employed in gambling in such places.