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Town of Appomattox, VA
Appomattox County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
DIVISION 1. Generally
DIVISION 2. Committees
Charter references: Council, § C-1 et seq.; general powers of Council, §§ C-12, C-17.
State law references: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, Code of Virginia, § 2.2-3100 et seq.; powers of Town vested in governing body, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-1401; where officers shall reside, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-1525; members of councils ineligible to hold certain offices, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 15; oaths of councilmen and mayor, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 15; suspension or removal of Town officers other than the mayor, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 15; election of mayor and council, Code of Virginia, Title 24.2.
[Amended 6-13-2011]
The Mayor shall appoint, at the first meeting after the election of Mayor and Council, or as soon thereafter as practical, the following standing committees of the Council:
Finance and Planning Committee.
Physical Development Committee.
[Amended 6-13-2011]
Each standing committee of the Council, appointed as provided in § 5-3, shall be composed of three members of the Council, one of whom shall be designated by the Mayor as Chairman. The Mayor shall serve as an ex officio member of each committee.
The standing committees shall examine such matters as come within their respective jurisdictions and also any matter referred to any such committee. Upon request, the committee shall report thereon to the Mayor and Council.
The Finance Committee of the Council shall recommend to the Council all ordinances levying taxes, assessments or license taxes.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 175, Taxation.
It shall be the duty of the Mayor, unless otherwise directed, to appoint any special committee that the Council may order.
DIVISION 3. Meetings[1]
Charter reference: Quorum and procedures of Council, § C-15.
State law reference: Authority of council to adopt rules for the regulation of its proceedings, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 14.
The Mayor and Council shall meet on the second Monday of each month in the Town office and shall also meet at any other time to which the Council may adjourn or be regularly called. If the second Monday of the month is a holiday, the meeting shall be held on the following day.
State law references: The Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Code of Virginia, § 2.2-3700 et seq.; council convened by Mayor or three members, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 14.
The proceedings of the Council, except as otherwise provided in this article, shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.
If a quorum fails to attend within 30 minutes after the time appointed for meeting, the Clerk of the Council shall enter on the journal the names of those in attendance, and the fact of adjournment for want of a quorum. If a quorum fails to attend on the day of any regular meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the next day of meeting, or at such other time as those present may designate.
Charter reference: Quorum of Council, § C-15.
The proceedings at any meeting shall be read at the next meeting and, after the errors appearing therein, if any, are corrected, such minutes shall be signed by the person who was presiding when the previous meeting adjourned or, if he is not present, by the person presiding when they were read.
Charter reference: Quorum and procedure of council, § C-15.
State law reference: Signing journal of council, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 15.
No proposition shall be entertained by the Mayor until it has been seconded. No proposition, after it has been seconded, shall be withdrawn without the consent of the member proposing and the member seconding such proposition.
The Mayor shall preserve order and decide all questions of order. Any member may appeal to the Council from the decision of the Mayor on any question of order. A majority vote of those present shall decide the issue.
Charter references: Mayor to preside over meetings of council, §§ C-5, C-15; powers and duties of president pro tempore, § C-10.
State law reference: Mayor to preside over council, council may appoint president pro tempore in absence of mayor, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 14.
The previous question may be called at any time by two members of the Council.
When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received unless it is one to amend, to commit, to postpone, for the previous question, to table or to adjourn.
Every member present when a question is put on an ordinance or resolution shall, unless interested or excused from voting by the Mayor and Council, vote on one or the other side of such question.
At the request of any member present, the ayes and nays on any question shall be recorded.
Charter reference: Recording yeas and nays, § C-15.
State law reference: Recording yeas and nays in journal, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 15.
There shall be a recorded vote on every ordinance having for its object the levying of taxes, appropriating of money or elections. Levies, taxes, appropriations of money and contracting a corporate debt must be by a vote of at least 2/3 of the entire Council.
Charter reference: Voting on tax or corporate debt, § C-15.
State constitution reference: Recording of certain votes, Art. VII, § C-7.
State law reference: Recording yeas and nays for levy of tax, Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 14.
A question, being once decided by the Mayor and Council, shall not be again drawn into debate unless, on motion for reconsideration, there shall be in favor of it a number of votes equal to a majority of the members present when the question was previously decided, or unless one year has passed since the question was previously decided.
After the name of a member has been recorded as present at any meeting of the Mayor and Council, he shall not absent himself from such meeting previous to adjournment without permission of the Council.
No person who is not a member of the Council shall orally address the Mayor and Council unless leave to do so has been applied for through a member and granted by the Mayor and Council.
Every petition, communication or address to the Mayor and Council shall be in respectful language and, except in cases where it is otherwise allowed, shall be in writing.
A motion to adjourn shall always be in order and shall be decided without debate.
No rule of the Mayor and Council shall be suspended without the concurrence of 2/3 of the members present.