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Town of Appomattox, VA
Appomattox County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Application for the construction of driveways across existing sidewalks shall be filed with the Town Manager and, on approval, such driveways may be constructed in accordance with plans and specifications furnished by the Town Manager at no expense to the Town.
Any person engaged in building or repairing any building or structure on any street shall, with the permission of the Town Manager and under his direction, place barriers necessary to warn persons passing of any danger that may be occasioned by such work. In no such case shall a sidewalk or gutter be obstructed, unless by special permission of the Town Manager pursuant to established Town standards. The barrier or obstruction shall be sufficiently lighted at night to warn the traveling public. The person placing such barrier or obstruction on the streets or sidewalks shall be responsible for any damage caused thereby or resulting therefrom and shall indemnify and save harmless the Town of all costs, expenses and attorney's fees incident thereto.
When a sidewalk is obstructed and cannot be used, a separate temporary walkway shall be constructed by the person who has obstructed the sidewalk.
Editor's Note: Buildings and building regulations, see Ch. 62.
All gutters from which the water empties upon a street or sidewalk shall be so constructed as to discharge such water only at or below the surface of the ground. No water from any gutter or spout or in any way collected shall be permitted to flow across the sidewalk or footway from any lot or building, except in a covered drain or pipe. Such covered drain or pipe shall be so laid that the finished sidewalk or footway is flush with the existing sidewalk or footway.
State law reference: Gutters overhanging streets, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2010.
No person shall cause wood, coal, lumber, lime, sand, brick, tools or other materials or impediments to be placed upon any sidewalks, streets, etc., of the Town; provided that materials used for building or repairing houses may occupy such part of the street opposite the building during the erection or repairing thereof as the Town Manager may allow pursuant to established Town standards, in which case the gutters or drains shall be kept unobstructed.
State law reference: Authority of Town to permit the temporary use of streets for other than public purposes, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2013.
No automobile, vehicle, implement or contrivance shall be permitted to stop or park on state highways, streets and alleys within the Town for the purpose of receiving service, motor fuel, oil, repairs or accessories, except upon such portion thereof as shall be in excess of 30 feet measured between curbs. No tank, pump or other equipment for such or similar purposes shall be permitted to be installed or erected or to continue to remain in or on the sidewalks or state highways, streets and alleys within the Town for the purpose of servicing any such automobile, vehicle, implement or contrivance on or within the thirty-foot width provided in this section, or any part thereof. No person shall furnish or attempt or offer to furnish service, motor fuel, oil, repairs, accessories for any such automobile, etc., stopped or parked in contravention of the terms of this section.
Editor's Note: Stopping, standing and parking, see § 185-18 et seq.
Where any vines, hedges, shrubbery or like vegetation obstructs the view at or near any intersection of streets, the Town Manager shall have full power and authority to require the owner thereof to reduce the height of such vine, hedge, shrub or like vegetation and to maintain the same at such a height as the Town Manager may deem necessary to promote public safety.
[Amended 7-14-1997]
The purpose of this section is to promote the health, safety and welfare of visitors and citizens throughout the Town. The combination of roller skate, in-line skates, scooters and skateboard traffic with automobile and pedestrian traffic poses an unreasonable risk of harm on the Town streets. Likewise the combination of bicycle traffic with the pedestrians using sidewalks poses an unreasonable risk of harm.
No person shall use roller skates, in-line skates, scooters, or skateboards on any street or sidewalk of the Town.
No person shall use scooters or bicycles on the sidewalks of any street.
No person shall use roller skates, scooters, in-line skates or skateboards on any public parking lot or parking area owned, leased or operated by the Town.
Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor.