Village of Maple Bluff, WI
Dane County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Accessory buildings, structures and uses customarily incidental to and commonly associated with a use allowed as a permitted or conditional use within a particular zoning district may be allowed to occupy the same zoning lot as the permitted or conditional use. To qualify as an accessory building, structure or use, the building, structure or use shall be operated and maintained under the same ownership and on the same zoning lot as the principal building, structure or use, shall not include structures or structural features inconsistent with the principal building, structure or use, and shall not involve the conduct of any business, profession, or trade unless expressly authorized hereinafter.
Accessory buildings, structures, and uses are permitted in any zoning district in connection with a use which is permitted within such district. An accessory building, structure, or use is one which:
Is customarily incidental and subordinate to and serves a principal use established on the same zoning lot;
Is subordinate in area, floor area, intensity, extent, and purpose to the principal building, structure, or use;
Contributes to the comfort, convenience, or necessity of occupants or users of the principal building, structure or use;
Is located on the same zoning lot as the principal building, structure or use served; and
Shall not be established on any lot prior to the establishment of the principal building, structure or use to which it is accessory.
All detached accessory structures shall:
Not be located less than five feet from an interior side lot line and a rear lot line when located in a rear yard.
Not cover more than 15% of the rear yard.
Comply with the height limitations of the zoning district in which they are located, provided that in residential districts no accessory building or structure shall exceed 15 feet in height, provided that the accessory building or structure shall not exceed the height of the principal building or structure.
Require review by the Building Board prior to issuance of a building permit except as noted which can be done by administrative approval.
Examples of typical accessory buildings, structures, and uses are, but are not limited to, the following. Other uses deemed similar in nature, as determined by the Building Board, may be permitted.
Air-conditioning equipment*
Arbors or trellises in rear yard areas*
Awnings or canopies (not more than 3 feet into yard)
Balconies (not more than 5 feet into yard)
Barbecuing equipment, permanent
Bay windows (not more than 3 feet into yard)
Boathouses/boat shelters
Carports, detached
Chimneys, attached (not more than 2 feet into yard)
Doghouses in rear yard areas*
Dog runs
Fences, nonresidential
Fences, single-family residential
Garages, detached [no more than 1 three-car detached garage not exceeding 750 square feet; the maximum number of car stalls on the property (including both attached and detached) cannot exceed 3]
Greenhouses, noncommercial
Open off-street parking (commercial)
Ornamental light standards*
Playground equipment (basketball hoops, backstops and supporting posts are allowed in all front and rear yards)
Playhouses and gazebos
Sheds and storage structures for garden equipment
Stairways, exterior
Steps and ramps needed for handicapped accessibility (may not be more than 1 foot from a lot line and 4 feet above the established grade and which are necessary for access to a structure or from a public right-of-way)
Swimming pools**
Tennis courts, private
Tents (temporary)*
Terraces, patios, decks and outdoor fireplaces
*Requires administrative approval.
**An outdoor swimming pool may be constructed as an accessory use if it is located in the rear yard, provided that it shall not exceed 2 feet in height above the finished grade of a required rear yard and that such swimming pool or surfaced terraces, sundecks or walks accessory to such swimming pool shall not be located within 5 feet of any lot line. No covers or enclosures of a swimming pool, temporary or otherwise, exceeding the height limit of 2 feet above grade level shall be permitted, unless such enclosure is a part of the principal residence, in which event it shall be subject to all of the restrictions and requirements relating to such building.