Village of Maple Bluff, WI
Dane County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The district height limitations stipulated elsewhere in this chapter may be exceeded, but such modification shall be in accord with the following:
Architectural projections, such as belfries, parapet walls, cupolas, domes, flues and chimneys, are exempt from the height limitations of this chapter.
Special structures, such as elevator penthouses, manufacturing equipment and necessary mechanical appurtenances, cooling towers, fire towers, and substations, are exempt from the height limitations of this chapter.
Essential services, such as utility poles and towers, water towers, and electric power and communication transmission lines, are exempt from the height limitations of this chapter.
Public or semipublic facilities, such as schools, churches, hospitals, monuments, sanitariums, libraries, governmental offices and stations, may be erected to a height of 60 feet, provided that all required yards are increased not less than one foot for each foot the structure exceed the district's maximum height requirement.
Penthouses, elevators, clock towers, cupolas, water tanks, and similar structures and mechanical appurtenances may be erected on a building to a height greater than the limit for the district in which the building is located, provided that no such exception shall cover, at any level, more than 25% of the area of the roof on which it is located, provided further that no exception shall be used for sleeping or housekeeping purposes or for any commercial purpose other than such as may be incidental to the permitted use of the main building.
In residential districts, except for corner lots, required setbacks shall be modified in the following case:
Where 50% or more of the frontage on a block is occupied by residences having setbacks less than that required by this chapter, setback on each remaining lot shall be determined in accordance with the following rule. The front building line of a proposed structure shall be no nearer the front lot line than a line joining adjacent front corners of the nearest principal structures which are in the same block frontage on either side of the proposed structure. If, on a block frontage, no principal structure exists to one side of a proposed structure, a structure may be assumed to exist on the corner lot which conforms to the minimum setback and side yard width requirements of this chapter.
[Amended 4-11-2017]
No more than one principal residential building shall be located on a lot, except in a PUD district.
Except as otherwise provided by this article, all lots shall front on a public street.
No building shall be constructed, erected or placed on any lot of record unless it will comply with all applicable setback requirements of this chapter, unless the owner of adjacent lots of record first creates a new lot of record, approved by the Village. Such owner may not construct, erect or place:
Any building on more than one such lot of record or in such a manner that the building will not comply with all applicable setback requirements; or
An accessory building upon a lot of record other than the lot of record upon which the principal building is situated.
All new territory annexed to the Village shall automatically become a part of the "A" Residence District and all the provisions applicable in the "A" Residence District shall apply to all such annexed territory until definite district boundaries and regulations for such annexed territory are adopted by the Village Board; provided, however, that definite district boundaries and regulations for such annexed territory shall be adopted by the Village Board within 90 days from the date of annexation to the Village.
Vacation of public streets and alleys shall cause the land vacated to be automatically placed in the same district as the abutting side to which the vacated land reverts.