Village of Maple Bluff, WI
Dane County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No building within the Village of Maple Bluff shall be razed without a permit from the Building Board. An application for such permit shall be accompanied by the documents required in Article III. If the applicant intends to build a new building on the demolition site, no demolition permit will be issued without a building permit for the new building.
In determining whether to issue a permit to demolish all or part of a structure, the Building Board shall consider and may give decisive weight to any or all of the following:
Demolition would be detrimental to the public interest.
The building contributes to the distinctive architectural character of the Village as a whole.
The building is of such old and unusual or uncommon design, texture and/or material that it could not be reproduced or reproduction would be difficult and/or expensive.
Retention of the building would encourage the study of American history, architecture and design.
The building is in such deteriorated condition that it is not structurally or economically feasible to preserve/restore it.
A snow fence or other approved barricade shall be provided as soon as any portion of the building is removed and shall remain during razing operations. After all razing operations have been completed, the foundation shall be filled at least one foot above the adjacent grade, the property raked clean, and all debris hauled away. Razing permits shall lapse and be void unless the work authorized thereby is commenced within six months from the date thereof or completed within 30 calendar days from the date of commencement of said work. Any unfinished portion of work remaining beyond the required 30 days must have special approval from the Building Inspector.
All debris must be hauled away at the end of each day for the work that was done on that day or stored in a dumpster to be emptied regularly. Combustible material shall not be used for backfill but shall be hauled away. There shall not be any burning of materials on the site of the razed building without prior approval from the Fire Chief. If any razing or removal operation under this article results in, or would likely result in, an excessive amount of dust particles in the air creating a nuisance in the vicinity thereof, the permittee shall take all necessary steps, by use of water spraying or other appropriate means, to eliminate such nuisance. All streets must be free from debris at all times and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day. The permittee shall take all necessary steps, prior to the razing of a building, through the employment of a qualified person in the field of pest control or by other appropriate means, to treat the building so as to prevent the spread and migration of rodents and insects therefrom during and after the razing operations.