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Village of The Branch, NY
Suffolk County
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Building and zoning administration — See Ch. 31.

Building construction — See Ch. 32.

Fire prevention — See Ch. 43.

Zoning — See Ch. 85.

§ 53-1

§ 53-2
Use restrictions. 

§ 53-3
Conversion to permanent structure. 

§ 53-4
Separate offenses. 

For the purposes of this chapter, the terms used herein are defined as follows:

Any vehicle or structure used or arranged to be used for living or sleeping accommodations, mounted on wheels and movable either by its own power or when drawn by or connected with another vehicle.

No mobile homes shall be permitted in the Village except recreational vehicles used by the homeowner on whose property they are parked.


No person shall use or park any mobile home for living or sleeping quarters within the corporate limits of the Village of the Branch, except that no more than one mobile home of a nonpaying guest of a resident of the Village may park on the property of said resident for not exceeding 72 hours in any one month, provided that it is not used for living quarters and its location complies with the setback requirements of the Zoning Law

Editor's Note: See Ch. 85, Zoning.
and it is not less than 10 feet from any building or structure.

Removal of the wheels of a mobile home, except temporarily for repairs, or the permanent blocking-up or the enclosure of the space beneath a mobile home shall be construed to automatically convert the same into a permanent building or structure, subject to the requirements of all laws and ordinances applicable to dwellings.

Editor's Note: See Ch. 31, Building and Zoning Administration; Ch. 32, Building Construction; and Ch. 85, Zoning.

The owner, lessee, occupant of or person accommodated in a mobile home who commits any act in violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable for any such violation and the penalty therefor. Each day such violation shall continue or be permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense.