Village of Village of The Branch, NY
Suffolk County
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§ 72-9
Construction to grades. 

§ 72-10
Work and material requirements. 

§ 72-11
Curb cuts. 

§ 72-12
Construction safeguards. 

No person shall construct or cause or permit to be constructed a curb or sidewalk unless the same shall be constructed in accordance with the grade which shall have been obtained from the Village Engineer.




All sidewalks shall be four feet in width in residential areas, and in business areas (including nonconforming business use areas) sidewalks shall be constructed so as to cover the full area between the curb and the property line, unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent of Public Works, and such sidewalks shall not be less than four inches thick in areas zoned for residential use and not less than five inches thick in areas zoned for business use. Where crossed by driveways, all sidewalks shall be not less than six inches thick through the width of the driveway.


All curbs shall be 18 inches in depth and not less than six inches thick in residential areas and not less than eight inches thick in business areas and shall be built in one course.


Concrete gutters shall not be less than 18 inches wide and six inches thick and shall be built in one course.


Excavation. All topsoil and loam or impervious material and all tree roots, stumps, rock, sod, broken concrete and like matters encountered in a subgrade must be removed for a depth of not less than four inches below the bottom grade of the proposed construction, and the excavation refilled with sand, gravel or cinders well-tamped into place. No concrete shall be placed on a frozen subgrade or one which is soft or springy.


Finishing. All sidewalks and gutters shall be struck off true to line and grade and finished with a wooden float, leaving a smooth but nonslippery surface. Troweling will be permitted on the surface of curbing. Special types of finishes must have the approval of the Village Engineer, who may require a prepared sample.


Protection. The contractor shall protect the concrete from damage by all elements, including rain, freezing, pedestrians, animals, falling leaves, etc. Suitable methods shall be employed to cover the work and to erect barricades and lighted red lights at night.


Cleaning up. Upon completion the contractor or owner must remove all forms, neatly fill the space occupied by the forms and remove all excess dirt. Where the ground adjoining the sidewalk is high or low, the contractor shall leave an earth or other ramp to provide safe access to and from the walk. The entire site shall be left in a clean, orderly manner, all obstructions removed and the work made otherwise safe for pedestrian movement.

The following restrictions shall apply to curb cuts unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent of Public Works:


No curb cut shall be made within 15 feet of the intersection of street property lines.


There shall be a minimum of 25 feet between curb cuts.


On state and County roads, approval of the appropriate authority, if required, must be presented before a permit will be issued for a curb cut.

Every person who constructs a sidewalk or curb shall guard any excavation or work by guardrails, red signal lights or any other means as may be necessary to warn pedestrians and others of the danger to be approached.