Town of Fulton, WI
Rock County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Fulton 9-12-1996 as Ch. 6 of the 1996 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
As a matter of policy, the Town of Fulton wishes to exercise, to the greatest extent reasonably possible, powers that are granted to towns by the Town Parity Act, 1993 Wis. Act. 246. Certain portions of the Town Parity Act do not pertain to the Town of Fulton at the present time. This ordinance, however, shall not be construed as preventing the Town Board of the Town of Fulton from adopting additional sections of the Town Parity Act not adopted below.
The below-enumerated sections of the Town Parity Act are incorporated by reference into this ordinance as if fully set forth.
The following powers contained in sections of the Town Parity Act are hereby adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Fulton; the summary of each section is for reference purposes only and the language of the act itself is hereby enacted:
Section 9
Allows the Town Chair to apply to the Governor for activation of the National Guard in the event of a disaster.
Section 12
Requires the County Board to obtain Town approval before any land in the Town can be condemned for park purposes.
Section 20
Allows a water or electric utility furnishing water or light to a Town to have condemnation powers for the purpose of construction and maintenance of a water or light plant.
Section 23
Allows Towns to condemn property found to be blighted residential property. This is an extension of the Town's eminent domain power under § 32.06, Wis. Stats.
Section 29
Allows the Town Attorney to appear on behalf of the Town in juvenile proceedings brought under a Town ordinance.
Sections 34 and 60
Allows Towns to have exclusive jurisdiction of dance halls, roadhouses and other places of amusement if the Town decides to regulate such by ordinance.
Section 36
Allows Towns to preempt the county authority to regulate billboards in the Town.
Section 37
Allows the Town to preempt county authority to regulate riding horses, commercial stables and riding academies.
Section 38
Allows the Town to preempt county authority to regulate dogs in the Town.
Section 40
Gives the Town the right to declare the need for a housing authority project in the Town before the county may create such a project.
Section 71
Allows the Town Meeting to approve an automatic salary schedule for compensation of Town officers.
Section 82
Allows the Town to remove rubbish and charge for the service and place special assessments on property. (Note: This is supplemental to the special charge for recycling.)
Section 88
Allows Towns to grant a corporation a right to construct and operate a waterworks or to furnish light, heat or power within the Town.
Sections 89 and 90
Allows the Town to contract (with Public Servie Commission approval) for the furnishing of light, heat, water or transportation for Town residents.
Section 97
Allows a Town public utility to specify its service boundaries.
Section 106
Clarifies that forfeitures paid for Town ordinance violations can be paid by the Municipal Court into the Town treasury.
Section 118
Allows the Town to discontinue a street or alley under § 66.1003, Wis. Stats.
Sections 121 and 122
Allows Towns to declare snow and other emergencies and includes the power to bar or restrict unnecessary traffic.
Section 156
Prevents the county from converting a Town road into a county trunk highway without Town approval.
Section 157
Gives Towns the right of approval for creation of controlled access highways within the Town.
Section 176
Allows a Town to enact ordinances for regulation of land uses, land management and pollutant management practices.
Section 193
Specifies that a Town can require a permit for junk automobiles.
Section 221
Authorizes Towns to prohibit parking on highways during snow emergencies.
Section 223
Authorizes Towns to designate truck routes.
Section 235
Allows old deed restrictions in plats in the Town to be removed by the court upon the petition of a property owner.
Section 237
Limits to 60 days the right of a person to contest a contract entered into by the Town.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:
Signboards for advertising posters.
The organized militia of the State of Wisconsin.
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 1, § 1-6.