Town of Neversink, NY
Sullivan County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Swimming pools, whether above- or below-ground, that are accessory to a single-family residence shall not be located within any front, side or rear yard setback area. Swimming pools accessory to other than a single-family residence shall not be located closer than 50 feet to any property line, within 50 feet of a dwelling or within any front yard. All below-ground swimming pools having a depth of two feet or more shall be completely enclosed with a wall, fence or other barrier at least four feet in height and suitably equipped, in the opinion of the Code Enforcement Officer, to prevent the accidental entry of children to the pool area.
Evidence of use. The owner of a home occupation shall not permanently display or permanently create outside the building any evidence of the business, except that two nonilluminated business identification signs having an area of not more than eight square feet each shall be permitted.
A home occupation shall employ no more than three nonresident employees onsite.
A home occupation shall encompass no more than 1,000 square feet of all buildings or structures on the lot.
Off-street parking. In all districts, in connection with any use, there shall be provided, at the time any building or structure is erected, off-street parking spaces, open at no charge for employees', residents' and/or patrons' automobiles, in accordance with the requirements set forth herein:
Size. Each off-street parking space shall measure 10 feet by 20 feet exclusive of passageways and driveways.
Number of parking spaces required. The number of off-street parking spaces required shall be as set forth in the Off-Street Parking Schedule below. In the case of any building, structure or premises, the use of which is not specifically mentioned herein, the number of parking spaces required shall be established by the Planning Board.
Parking Spaces Required
1 for each 3 seats
Community buildings and social halls
1 for each 200 square feet of gross floor area or 1 for each 3 seats, whichever is greater
Hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts
1 per sleeping room or dwelling unit plus 1 per nonresident employee
Multiple dwellings
2 for each dwelling unit
1 for each 50 square feet of patron space
Retail stores and offices
1 for each 200 square feet of floor space
1 per 12 students
Wholesale establish- ments or warehouses
Parking area to be not less than 25% of the building floor area
Off-street loading. Adequate off-street loading and unloading berths shall be provided for any commercial, institutional, industrial or wholesale use.
Access requirements. Access to and from off-street parking, loading and vehicle service areas along public rights-of-way shall consist of well-defined separate or common entrances and exits and shall comply with the following provisions:
Access drives shall not open upon any public right-of-way line of any intersecting public street or highway where the sight distance in either direction would be less than 300 feet.
In no event shall an entrance or exit be located within the following distances of any other entrance or exit on the same property or adjoining property along the same road or highway:
[Amended 3-25-1992 by L.L. No. 2-1992]
Hamlet (H)
Rural Settlement (RS)
Rural Residential Two (RR-2)
Rural Residential Three (RR-3)
Rural Conservation (RC)
Signs may be erected and maintained only when in compliance with the following provisions:
Signs in all districts. Except for signs specifically approved by the Planning Board, the following types of nonilluminated, nonadvertising signs shall be permitted on a lot:
Two-family nameplate, business identification or directional signs not over eight square feet each in area.
Two "for sale" or "for rent" signs not over eight square feet each in area.
Signs in H Districts. Any business is allowed one illuminated open/closed sign no larger than two feet high by two feet wide that is attached to the building and is located in the front of the building facing the street. Additional illuminated signs require a special use permit. Business signs not to exceed 32 square feet in area shall be permitted in H Districts in accordance with the following regulations:
[Amended 12-14-2016 by L.L. No. 3-2016]
No sign shall be higher than the height limit in the H District, nor shall any sign be located upon the roof of any building.
Not more than one such sign for each tenant on the premises shall be permitted on each wall fronting on a street.
The aggregate area in square feet of all signs on any wall shall be no greater than two times the length in feet of such wall.
Freestanding business signs shall be permitted as long as they comply with all yard and height requirements for the H Zone, and no more than one shall be permitted on each lot Signs under six feet in height may be located in front yards at least 35 feet back from the center line of the traveled way of the road.
Signs shall not project more than 18 inches beyond the face of the wall on which applied nor any distance beyond or above the building in any other direction.
Sign directories for the purpose of advertising three or more businesses or trades shall be permitted, provided that the individual signs do not exceed six square feet in size.
Prohibited signs. The following types of signs or artificial lighting are prohibited:
Billboards or other types of signs exceeding 32 square feet in area.
Flashing or moving signs.
Signs which compete for attention with or may be mistaken for a traffic control device.
There is hereby created a special overlay zoning district the boundaries of which shall be congruent with those areas identified as special flood hazard areas on the Flood Hazard Boundary Maps of the Town of Neversink (Community No. 360828 0005 C) as issued and amended by the Federal Insurance Administration or its successor agencies. This district shall be an overlay zone in which the normal provisions of the district indicated on the Official Zoning Map shall apply, except that no development shall be permitted, other than in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 27 of the Code of the Town of Neversink, Flood Damage Prevention, as amended.