Township of Bernards, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. #585, § 402A]
Each of the sections and provisions of this article shall apply to all zones unless otherwise stated.
[Ord. #1429, 5-29-2001, amended]
No land may be used and no structure may be erected, raised, moved, extended, enlarged, altered or used for any purpose other than a purpose permitted herein for the zone in which it is located, and all construction shall be in conformity with the regulations provided for the zone in which such construction is located. In addition, no structure or lot shall be used in violation of any requirement and/or condition of any approval granted by the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment pursuant to this chapter, including any requirement and/or condition set forth on an approved plan or within an adopted resolution that is applicable to the structure or lot.
[Ord. #585, § 402C; Ord. #641]
When a new lot or lots are formed from a parcel of land, or where two or more lots are combined into a single parcel of land, the separation or combination must be effected in such a manner as not to impair any of the provisions of this article. Moreover, when two or more lots are combined into a single parcel of land for the purpose of a site plan submission which is approved by the Board, the lots shall be combined as one lot unless subsequently subdivided in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
[Ord. #585, § 402D; Ord. #1429, 5-29-2001, amended]
Public utility distribution facilities required for direct local service may be located anywhere within the Township where reasonably necessary, provided such facilities are placed within the rights-of-way of existing roads and streets or in utility easements. Public utility buildings or structures, other than those provided for in the foregoing sentence, and institutional uses, including public and private schools, shall not be located in any zone unless approved by the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
[Ord. #585, § 402E; Ord. #641]
The height provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the erection of building appurtenances such as church spires, belfries, clock towers or flagpoles designed exclusively for ornamental purposes. The height provisions of this chapter shall moreover not apply to chimneys, flues, bulkheads, elevator enclosures, water tanks, air-conditioning units, antennas or similar accessory structures occupying an aggregate of 10% or less of the area of the roof of the principal building on which they are located and provided such structures do not exceed the height limit by more than 10 feet and are visually screened through appropriate architectural treatment. In the case of antennas or towers that are accessory structures, such antenna or towers, when located in a nonresidential zone, may not exceed the height limitations established for a principal structure in that zone by more than 10 feet, and when located in a residential zone, may not exceed 45 feet; provided, however, that no part of the antennas or tower or extension thereof shall be located closer to any property line than a distance equal to twice the extended height of the antenna or tower. Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the erection of a parapet wall or cornice extending not more than three feet above the height limit nor the construction of farm buildings of variable heights.
[Ord. #585, § 402F]
The control and regulation of the nature and extent of uses of structures as herein provided shall apply equally to the nature and extent of the use of land.
[Ord. #585, § 402G]
Whenever a use variance is before the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Board shall consider the impact of the variance as it compares to the density, height, coverage and FAR of the zone in which the variance is requested as set forth in Article IV. (In the case of residential zones where no coverage or FAR exists, a coverage of 25% and an FAR of 10% shall be used for comparative purposes.) If the use is permitted in other zones of the Township, the application shall be compared against any additional requirements which may be established by this chapter. Such comparison(s) shall not be binding on any determinations reached by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
[Ord. #1103, § 7]
The following specific features of the principal structure may intrude into minimum required yards: bay windows, cellar doors and chimneys, provided that the intrusion does not extend more than three feet into the minimum required yard.