Page County, VA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The county may take into custody any abandoned motor vehicle. In such connection, the county may employ its own personnel, equipment and facilities or hire persons, equipment and facilities or firms or corporations who may be independent contractors for the purpose of removing, preserving and storing abandoned motor vehicles. The person at whose request such motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer or part thereof is so removed shall indemnify the county as against any loss or expense incurred by reason of removal, storage or sale thereof.
The county shall notify, within 15 days thereof, by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, the owner of record of the motor vehicle and all persons having security interests therein of record that the vehicle has been taken into custody. The notice shall describe the year, make, model and serial number of the abandoned motor vehicle, set forth the location of the facility where the motor vehicle is being held, inform the owner and any persons having security interests of their right to reclaim the motor vehicle within three weeks after the date of the notice, upon payment of all towing, preservation and storage charges resulting from placing the vehicle in custody, and state that the failure of the owner or persons having security interests to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle within the time provided shall be deemed a waiver by the owner and all persons having any security interests of all right, title and interest in the vehicle and consent to the sale of the abandoned motor vehicle at a public auction.
If records of the Division of Motor Vehicles contain no address for the owner or no address of any person shown by such records to have a security interest or if the identity and addresses of the owner and all persons having security interests cannot be determined with reasonable certainty, notice by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county shall be sufficient to meet all requirements of notice pursuant to this chapter to any person who cannot be notified pursuant to the provisions of Subsection A of this section. Such notice by publication may contain multiple listings of abandoned motor vehicles. Any such notice shall be within the time requirements prescribed for notice by mail and shall have the same contents required for notice by mail.
The consequences and the fact of failure to reclaim an abandoned motor vehicle shall be as set forth in a notice given in accordance with and pursuant to this section.