Township of Cedar Grove, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All persons engaged in the taxicab business in the Township operating under the provisions of this chapter shall render an overall service to the public desiring to use taxicabs. Holders of taxicab licenses shall maintain a central place of business and keep the same open for at least the minimum hours stipulated on the license, for the purpose of receiving calls for taxicab service and dispatching taxicabs pursuant thereto. All licensees or their representatives shall answer all calls received for taxicab services inside the Township limits as soon as they can do so. If said services cannot be rendered within a reasonable time, they shall then notify the prospective passenger as to how long it will be before the call may be answered and give the reason therefor. Any holder of a taxicab license issued under this chapter who shall refuse to accept a call for taxicab service anywhere within the Township limits at any time when such licensee has taxicabs available, or who shall fail or refuse to give overall service, shall be deemed to have violated this chapter.
No driver shall refuse or neglect to convey any orderly person upon request, unless the driver is previously engaged or unable to comply or prohibited from so doing by the provisions of this chapter.
A driver shall comply with all reasonable and lawful requests of his passenger or passengers as to the speed of the vehicle and the route to be taken.
At no time shall more than two persons, in addition to the driver, ride in the front seat of any taxicab.
No cab driver shall permit more than five passengers, in addition to himself, to be carried as passengers in the taxicab. A child under five years of age shall not be counted as a passenger.
No driver shall permit any other person to occupy or ride in any taxicab unless the person or persons first employing the taxicab shall consent to the acceptance of the additional passenger or passengers.
Drivers of taxicabs shall not receive or discharge passengers in the roadway, but shall pull up to the right-hand sidewalk as nearly as possible or, in the absence of a sidewalk, to the extreme right-hand side of the road and there receive or discharge passengers, except upon one-way streets, where passengers may be discharged on either the right- or left-hand sidewalk or side of the roadway in the absence of a sidewalk.
Drivers of taxicabs shall be clean and neat in appearance at all times.
Every driver of a taxicab shall thoroughly search the interior of such taxicab at the termination of each trip for any article of value which may be left in such taxicab by a passenger. Any article found therein shall be immediately returned to the passenger owning it, if he is known; otherwise, it shall be deposited with the licensee of the taxicab at the conclusion of the driver's tour of duty. A written report, in duplicate, of the finding and deposit of such article shall be made by the said licensee within 24 hours to the Chief of Police.
The driver of each taxicab shall keep a daily record upon which all trips are recorded, showing time and place of origin and destination of each trip and amount of fare charged therefor. All such records shall be retained for two years by the licensee of the taxicab, who shall be responsible for the maintenance of daily records of all taxicabs operated by him. The forms for such daily records shall be furnished by the said licensee after prior approval thereof by the Chief of Police. All such records to be maintained by the licensee shall be open to inspection by the Chief of Police at any time.
Any motor vehicle accident involving a taxicab and causing injury to a person or persons or to property of another in excess of $100 shall be reported immediately by the driver to the police; and the said taxicab shall not be moved until released by the police, except in an emergency where there is immediate danger to life or limb.