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Borough of Leonia, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
An application for minor subdivision shall be filed with the approving authority Secretary, in writing, in duplicate, on forms provided by the approving authority with the fees required in Article III of this chapter.
Map requirements. The application shall be accompanied by 10 copies of the proposed subdivision plat accurately drawn to a scale of not less than one inch equals 100 feet, certified by a licensed land surveyor. The minor subdivision plat shall be in conformance with the Map Filing Act (N.J.S.A. 46:23-9.9 et seq.) and shall indicate:
The location of the lots to be created in relation to the entire tract.
All existing structures and wooded areas within the subdivision and within 200 feet thereof.
The name of the owner and of all adjoining property owners as disclosed by the current municipal tax records.
The municipal Tax Map sheet, block and lot numbers.
All streets and streams within 500 feet of the subdivision.
The area in square feet of all lots to be created.
A key map showing the entire subdivision and its relation to surrounding areas.
Easements, streets, buildings, watercourses, railroads, bridges, culverts, drainpipes, rights-of-way, drainage easements and prior variances affecting the lands being subdivided.
Acreage of the entire parcel to be subdivided.
Location of existing or proposed sewer connections.
Other requirements.
The applicant shall be required to submit proof that no taxes or assessments for local improvements are due or delinquent on the property for which minor subdivision approval is sought.
All applicable fees shall be paid prior to any action by the approving authority.
The provisions of Chapter 140, Flood Damage Prevention, § 140-20, regarding zero increase in stormwater runoff shall apply.
[Added 8-4-2003 by Ord. No. 16-03]
Waiver of requirements. Upon request of an applicant, the Planning Board may waive such map requirements as it may find to be unnecessary for its consideration and action on the minor subdivision application.
Action within 45 days. The approving authority shall grant or deny approval within 45 days of the submission of a complete application or within such time as may be consented to, in writing, by the applicant.
Failure to act within 45 days. The failure of the approving authority to act within such time period shall constitute minor subdivision approval. A certificate by the Municipal Clerk as to the failure of the approving authority to act shall be issued on request of the applicant, and it shall be sufficient in lieu of the written endorsement or other evidence of approval otherwise required and shall be so accepted by the county recording officer for the purposes of filing subdivision plats.
County approval. Whenever review or approval is required by the Bergen County Planning Board, the approving authority shall condition its approval upon a timely receipt of a favorable report by the Bergen County Planning Board or approval thereon by virtue of inaction by the Bergen County Planning Board within the time required by law.
Northeast Jersey Soil Conservation District. Whenever review or approval is required by the Northeast Jersey Soil Conservation District, the approving authority shall condition its approval upon a timely receipt of a favorable report by the Northeast Jersey Soil Conservation District.
Approval of a minor subdivision shall expire 190 days from the date of approval by the approving authority, unless, within such period of time, a plat in conformity with such approval and the provisions of the Map Filing Law (N.J.S.A. 46:23-9.9 et seq.) or a deed clearly describing the approved minor subdivision is filed by the applicant with the Bergen County Clerk's office, the Municipal Engineer and the Municipal Tax Assessor. Any such plat or deed shall be signed by the approving authority Chairman and Secretary prior to filing with the Bergen County Clerk's office.
The zoning requirements and general terms and conditions, whether conditional or otherwise, upon which minor subdivision approval was granted shall not be changed for a period of two years after the date of minor subdivision approval, provided that the approved minor subdivision shall have been duly filed or recorded as provided in this chapter.
In the event that the minor subdivision approval is conditioned upon on-tract improvements, the approving authority may make the installation of on-tract improvements or performance and maintenance guaranties prior to the filing or recording of the subdivision plat with the Bergen County Clerk's office.