Township of Plainsboro, NJ
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Plainsboro 12-29-1992 by Ord. No. 0-92-23; amended in its entirety 7-9-2008 by Ord. No. 0-08-11. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Alarm systems — See Ch. 47.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any residential rental apartment complex of more than 50 units.
Any individual, including subcontractors, retained by an owner and given unsupervised access to individual apartments or to keys thereto.
Any individual apartment unit that is currently leased or rented to a tenant.
Any owner, landlord, employer, operating agent, managing agent or other entity owning, managing or controlling any apartment complex as defined herein.
An act concerning the regulation of security guards, N.J.S.A. 45:19A-1 et seq.
The owners of all apartment complexes as defined above shall comply with the following security requirements:
Lock security.
All exterior door locks must be changed or rekeyed upon reoccupancy.
Prior to the issuance of the housing certificate of compliance, the landlord shall sign a form, to be provided by the Township Housing Agency, certifying that the requirements of this section have been met.
All keys shall be coded.
Each site manager shall maintain a bound key logbook or an electronic key tracking system, approved by the Township, in which all keys must be logged in and out. The number of keys retained by management shall be identified for each unit. All keys must be returned at the end of each day.
All key boxes shall be maintained in a secure area not accessible to the public.
Access to keys shall be limited to site managers and their designees who have complied with the requirements set forth in § 50-2C.
Circulation of master keys is to be strictly controlled by limiting their issuance to site managers and employees responsible for responding to emergencies after hours. The number of master keys in existence and their issuance shall be documented in the key log or tracking system. Master keys are to be utilized for emergency situations only.
Plainsboro Township may periodically inspect the logs required by this section.
Every owner shall conduct an inspection at least once every two weeks of all exterior lights, including breezeway lights. All burned-out bulbs must be replaced within 48 hours of discovery. Any broken lamps or fixtures must be repaired within 10 days of discovery.
Upon receipt of a complaint from a tenant, a burned-out bulb must be replaced by the close of the next business day. All broken lamps or fixtures must be repaired within 10 days of receipt of a tenant complaint.
Detailed bound logs or an electronic tracking system must be kept, showing all required inspections, and must include, at a minimum, the following information:
The date and time of each inspection, by building number.
Name and title of the employee conducting the inspection.
Date, time and description of all remedial actions needed and taken.
A record of all tenant complaints relative to lighting.
Employee criminal history record.
The following application procedure shall be used prior to the employment of any person as a site manager or any other position, including subcontractors, allowing access to individual apartment keys, master keys or unsupervised access to any occupied apartment.
Each prospective employee shall complete an application form provided by the owner which includes:
A notice, in bold print, advising the prospective employee that he will not be hired if he has been convicted of any of the following crimes (All citations are to N.J.S.A.):
N.J.S.A. Citation
Aggravated assault
Sexual assault
Criminal sexual conduct
Aggravated arson
Purposely or knowingly causing or risking widespread injury or damage
Unlicensed entry of structures
Theft by unlawful taking or disposition (excluding crimes of fourth degree and disorderly persons offenses)
Theft by deception (excluding crimes of fourth degree and disorderly persons offenses)
Theft by extortion (excluding crimes of fourth degree and disorderly persons offenses)
Impersonation; theft of identity; crime
Endangering welfare of children
Leader of narcotics trafficking network
Maintaining or operating a controlled dangerous substance production facility
Manufacturing, distributing or dispensing controlled dangerous substances (excluding crimes of fourth degree and disorderly persons offenses)
Employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme
Possession, use or being under the influence, or failure to make lawful disposition, of controlled dangerous substances (excluding crimes of fourth degree and disorderly persons offenses)
A certification signed by the prospective employee certifying that all information contained in the application with regard to criminal history is complete and accurate.
A written consent and waiver signed by the prospective employee authorizing the Plainsboro Police Department to release the results of the criminal history record information background check to the owner/prospective employer and releasing the Township of Plainsboro, its agents, servants and employees from any liability in connection therewith.
A notice advising the prospective employee that there will be a period of time to allow for completion of the criminal history record information background check required by Subsection C(1)(a)[4][a] below, during which time the employee cannot work unsupervised.
The landlord shall submit the prospective employee's name and social security number to the Chief of Police, who shall request a criminal history record information background check from the New Jersey State Police, State Bureau of Identification, in accordance with applicable law, including N.J.S.A. 53:1-20.6, and applicable regulations, including N.J.A.C. 13:59-1.1 et seq. No criminal history records shall be requested without the written consent of the prospective employee to such request.
A nonrefundable fee, established by the New Jersey State Police, State Bureau of Identification, shall be collected from the landlord for each prospective or current employee for whom a criminal history record information background check is requested.
Upon receipt of the criminal history record information, the Chief of Police shall notify the prospective employee and the owner/employer in writing that there is no criminal history or, in the alternative, that the criminal history record information background check reveals that the prospective employee has been convicted of one or more of the offenses enumerated in Subsection C(1)(a)[1] above.
The landlord shall be notified of a disqualification but shall not receive a copy of the criminal history record. No one but sworn members of the Plainsboro Township Police Department shall have access to the criminal history record information background check.
The prospective employee shall have 30 days from the date of the written notice of a disqualifying criminal record to petition the Chief of Police for a hearing on the accuracy of the criminal history record information.
SORA certification would satisfy the requirements of Subsection C(1)(a)[1] above.
Copies of all identification badges, including SORA certification, shall be maintained on file at the complex.
Each owner may, in his/her sole discretion, conduct additional background checks and establish other criteria for employment in compliance with state and federal law.
Upon request, a landlord shall provide the Township Police Department with the names and titles of all current employees so that the police can monitor compliance with this section.
Each owner shall be responsible for complying with the requirements of this section, and failure to comply shall subject the owner to the penalties set forth in § 50-4.
Employee identification badge.
All employees or approved vendors, while on duty, shall wear plainly visible identification badges on the upper left corners of their torsos.
The identification badges shall be approximately two inches by four inches and shall be made in such a way and of such material that any attempt to alter said badge will result in its being immediately, permanently and obviously ruined. The card shall be in the following form:
Color photograph of employee's face in a size adequate to permit recognition
Employee's name
Date of issuance
Employee's signature
Validation date
Community name
Conditions requiring new badges.
A new identification badge shall be made and issued by the landlord from time to time to reflect any substantial changes in the employee's appearance, but, in any case, a new badge shall be issued at least once every two years. Each new identification badge shall contain a new color photograph of the employee's face, and said photograph shall be taken not more than two weeks before the date upon which the new identification badge is issued.
A new identification badge shall also be issued to an employee whenever the facial appearance of said employee undergoes a noticeable alteration. For the purposes of this chapter, "noticeable alteration" means a change in the facial appearance such as, but not limited to, a change in hair color, style, shape or length, the growth, alteration or removal of beards, goatees, mustaches or sideburns, the wearing of spectacles, or contact lenses in lieu of spectacles previously worn, or a major change caused by an accident or surgery.
No employee of a landlord, who is in possession of any identification badge as provided for by this chapter, shall loan, allow or permit any other person to use or display such identification badge; in case of the loss of any such identification badge, the employee shall forthwith notify the landlord of such loss and the circumstances surrounding the same. Any person violating the provisions of this section or any person who shall display or use the identification badge of another for the purpose of deceiving any person as to his identity shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
Any landlord who fails to issue an identification badge to each on-site employee shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter.
Any employee of a landlord, who has been issued an identification badge by said landlord and who fails to wear said identification badge while working on the apartment complex site, shall be in violation of this chapter.
The owner or site manager at each apartment complex must prepare a written policy, setting forth detailed security procedures for that apartment complex, to show compliance with this ordinance. Copies of these policies shall be maintained in the on-site management office and shall be available for inspection by any tenant or appropriate Township official. Copies of the written policy shall be filed with the Chief of Police.
The site manager shall maintain all logs required above.
Any time a maintenance worker, repairman or any other representative of the owner or the apartment manager enters an individual apartment for purposes of making repairs pursuant to the terms of the lease or law, such person shall leave a notice to the tenant informing the tenant that entry was made, stating the date, time and duration of entry, giving the name and title of the person making entry and the reason for such entry.
This chapter shall be enforced by the Plainsboro Township Police Department and/or the Plainsboro Township Housing Agency.
Any person violating this chapter shall be subject to the general penalties set forth in § 1-15 of the Township Code.