City of Grand Ledge, MI
Eaton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Grand Ledge 8-28-2000 by Ord. No. 459. Amendments noted where applicable.]
As used in this chapter the following terms shall have the following meanings:
A purchase order for an unspecified quantity of goods to be delivered over a specified period of time, from one vendor or from an identified group of vendors.
The process of building, altering, repairing or demolishing any City structure or building, or other City improvements of any kind to any City real property, including all roadways and utility services.
All types of agreements, regardless of what they might be called, for the procurement of goods for the City.
Any and all personal property and/or fixtures, including, but not necessarily limited to, vehicles, equipment, materials, supplies, printing, and/or any and all other tangible, movable items, but excluding services, insurance, any land, or any interest in land, or any benefit or item that is specifically provided for in a collective bargaining agreement.
The complete assembly of related documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of soliciting sealed bids.
An individual, a partnership, limited partnership, corporation or limited liability company, or any other entity recognized by law.
Purchasing, renting, leasing or otherwise acquiring, for monetary or other consideration, any goods for the City.
A person who has the capability, in all respects, to perform fully the contract requirements.
A person who has submitted a bid which conforms in all respects to the requirements set forth in the invitation for bids.
No procurement, or contract for procurement, of any goods for any purposes of the City of Grand Ledge shall be made except in conformance with the standards, procedures and requirements set forth in this chapter. This chapter shall not apply to purchases made by the Grand Ledge Local Development Financing Authority, the Grand Ledge Downtown Development Authority, or the Grand Ledge Public Library unless such purchases are made by the City on behalf of any of those bodies.
The City Administrator shall prepare or approve purchase order forms or request forms in all standards and specifications for procurement of goods. No procurement of any goods shall be authorized, and no contract may be executed on behalf of the City, without a purchase order which has been properly approved and issued pursuant to the terms of this chapter.
Purchase order authorization.
For procurement of goods requiring an expenditure in excess of $10,000, no contract shall be executed or be authorized to be executed on behalf of the City without the prior issuance of a purchase order which has been approved by a majority of the members then serving on the City Council.
For procurement of goods requiring an expenditure in excess of $2,000, but less than or equal to $10,000, no contract shall be executed or be authorized to be executed on behalf of the City without the prior issuance of a purchase order which has been approved by the City Administrator.
For procurement of goods requiring an expenditure of less than or equal to $2,000, no contract shall be executed or be authorized to be executed on behalf of the City without the prior issuance of a purchase order which has been approved by the department head of the department requesting the procurement of goods.
The procurement of goods which are deemed to be emergency in nature shall be presented to the City Administrator for approval and immediate purchase. If approved by the City Administrator, the emergency purchase shall then be brought before the City Council at its next regular or special meeting, for after-the-fact review and approval, if required, by the City Council following the same authorization procedures outlined above.
Purchases totaling less than or equal to $1,000 may be made without obtaining competitive quotes or a purchase order. However, all such purchases shall be approved, in writing, by the appropriate City department head or supervisor.
[Amended 2-24-2003 by Ord. No. 486; 3-23-2009 by Ord. No. 521]
The City Council may, by resolution, waive any or all of the above requirements in any particular case when to do so is deemed to be in the best interests of the public health, safety and welfare.
In addition to the purchase order requirements outlined above, the following procedures shall be followed in procurement of goods for the City, unless directed otherwise by resolution of the City Council:
Public construction contracts shall be bid in accordance with all applicable state and/or federal statutes.
Competitive sealed bids.
Procurement of goods equal to or in excess of $10,000 shall be by means of competitive sealed bids, which procedure shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, all of the following:
Issuance of an invitation for bids, with a purchase description and all contractual terms and conditions applicable to the procurement; and
Public opening of all bids at a predesignated time and place; and
Unconditioned acceptance of a bid without alteration or corrections, except as otherwise authorized in this chapter; and
Award to a responsible bidder who submits the responsive bid which is most advantageous to the City. An award shall not be made without authorization and approval of the City Council following a prior recommendation by the City Administrator. When an award is not made to the lowest bidder, a complete statement of the reason(s) shall be prepared and retained in the City's records.
Goods which are by their nature unique or are available from only a single vendor may be purchased after the City Council waives competitive bidding and determines the waiver to be in the best interest of the City.
Procurement of goods equal to or in excess of $2,000, but less than $10,000, shall be according to competitive procedures developed and administered by the City Administrator. Such competitive procedure shall include, at a minimum, a requirement that not less than three price quotes be obtained from three different vendors. The City Administrator may waive the requirement for competitive purchase procedures, upon the approval of City Council, when it is deemed that an alternative procedure is in the best interests of the City.
Items under $2,000 may be purchased in a manner deemed necessary and/or appropriate by the City Administrator.
Procurement of goods under a blanket purchase order shall follow the above procurement procedures. All purchase orders shall be expressly subject to and contingent upon existing and/or continuing budget appropriations of sufficient funds to support said procurement. In no event shall any purchase order exceed five years in duration.
The City Administrator is hereby authorized to reject any or all bids, and to waive any informalities in the bidding process. The City Administrator shall be responsible for developing and administering such other policies, rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter or state or federal statutes, which the City Administrator deems necessary or convenient for the official procurement of goods by the City, and subject to final approval by the City Council. A copy of such policies, rules and regulations which are approved by the City Council shall be filed with the City Clerk and transmitted to all Department Heads.
The provisions of this chapter do not apply, in any manner whatsoever, to the procurement of services, including any employment services, accounting, engineering, legal or other professional services, any consulting services, or any other activity involving the furnishing of labor, time or effort by a person which does not constitute "goods" as that term is defined in this chapter.