City of Grand Ledge, MI
Eaton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Grand Ledge as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Board of Cemetery Trustees — See Ch. 8, Art. I.
[Adopted 4-13-1908 by Ord. No. 47]
Oakwood Cemetery and all other public burial grounds belonging to the City of Grand Ledge shall be in the charge of the City Sexton, shall be subject to the terms of this article and of all ordinances, rules and regulations established by the City Council of the City of Grand Ledge for the government and control of burial grounds, and all persons now or hereafter owning or holding any lot therein shall hold the same subject to the terms of this article and the ordinances, rules and regulations governing cemeteries and shall exercise their rights therein only in accordance with such ordinances, rules and regulations. Lots shall not be used for any other purpose than as a place of burial for human dead.
No person shall obstruct any drive, walk or alley, or in any way injure, deface or destroy any grave, vault, tombstone, monument, enclosure, building, fence, basin, fountain, bridge, seat, flower, tree, shrub, vine, lock, or other thing in, or belonging to, any public burial grounds in said City. No person shall hitch any horse to any tree or shrub and no person shall remove anything from any place in said cemetery without permission from the City Sexton or the written consent of the City Clerk.
The grave of an adult in any public burial ground in said City shall be at least five feet deep, and that for a child shall be at least four feet deep.
The City Sexton shall have charge of all cemeteries and public burial grounds of the City and it shall be his duty to lay out, work, improve, grade or cause to be laid out, worked, improved and graded all lots, alleys, drives, walks, and grounds in such manner as the City Council shall direct and for this purpose he shall have full authority under the direction of the City Council to regulate, direct, and control both the employees of the City of Grand Ledge and the owner, owners or custodians of any lot or lots in such cemetery and their employees; but his control over the work of the owners of lots or their employees shall not necessarily interfere with them except to require that all work be done in accordance with the ordinances, rules and regulations established by the City Council for the government, regulations and control of cemeteries, and any person refusing or failing to comply with the proper requirements of the City Sexton as to the manner of doing any work in such cemetery shall be guilty of a violation of this article and on conviction thereof shall be punished accordingly.
The City Sexton shall have the sole and exclusive right, and it shall be his duty in person and by his employees to dig and fill all graves in said cemetery, and to reopen the same when required by the persons interested having the written consent of the City Clerk and the payment of the required fee, and he shall be entitled to demand and receive such fees for his services as shall be established by the City Council to be paid in advance if required by the party employing him.
The City Sexton shall qualify and act as policeman in the City cemetery and shall be authorized and it is hereby made his duty to arrest any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this article or who shall while in said cemetery violate any of the provisions of any ordinance of said city, to make complaint against such person and notify the City Attorney thereof, and it shall be the duty of the City Attorney to prosecute the person so complained against.
The salary of the City Sexton shall be fixed each year by the City Council and all expenses for the services of employees, and for keeping City cemeteries in order and repair and in ornamenting and beautifying the same, when it shall be done under the direction of the City Council, shall be paid from the Cemetery Fund.
Every lot owner shall keep his lot in good and sightly condition, leveled to such grade and in such manner as the City Sexton shall require without elevated mounds or other unnecessary obstruction to the mowing of lots and in all respects conforming to the regulations governing cemeteries. No wooden structure of any description shall be allowed to be erected upon lots. The proprietor of each lot may erect any proper stone monument or sepulchral structure thereon; but in any monument or effigy or any structure whatever or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot which shall be determined by a majority of the City Council shall have the right and it shall be its duty to enter upon such lot and remove the improper object or objects. If any tree or shrubs situated in any lot shall by means of their roots, branches or otherwise become detrimental to the adjacent lots, paths or avenues, or inconvenient to passengers, the City Council shall have the right to remove said trees or shrubs, or such parts thereof as it may deem dangerous, detrimental or inconvenient.
No person shall ride or drive in any City cemetery over any lot, path, or in any place except the regular drives and no person shall drive faster than a walk nor shall any person discharge any firearms or explosives in said cemetery except regular salutes at military funerals, nor shall any person make any loud noise or be guilty of any unseemly or disorderly conduct in any such cemetery.
All foundations for monuments in said cemetery shall be of such material, size and depth as to insure the permanency of the position of monuments as required by the City Sexton, who shall fix the size, depth and materials in such case, and his requirements shall be binding on all persons unless altered by the City Council.
Any violation of this article shall be punishable as a misdemeanor as provided in Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article II, Penalties, § 1-17B.