City of Evanston, WY
Uinta County
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Authorized. The City Council may issue resort retail liquor licenses to applicants who are owners or lessees of a resort complex meeting the qualifications of Subsection B of this section.
Qualifications of applicants. To qualify for a resort retail liquor license, the City Council shall require the resort complex to:
Have an actual valuation, or the applicant shall have committed or expended on the complex, not less than one million dollars, excluding the value of the land;
Include a restaurant and a convention facility, which convention facility shall seat no less than 100 persons; and
Include motel or hotel accommodations with a minimum of 100 sleeping rooms.
Resort liquor licensees shall not sell alcoholic or malt beverages for consumption off the premises owned or leased by the licensee. The dispensing of alcoholic or malt beverages licensed to be sold under this article shall be controlled by § 4-31.
[Amended by Ord. No. 81-43; 6-20-2006 by Ord. No. 06-09]
The fee for each resort liquor license shall be set forth in the annual budget resolution but shall not be less than $500 nor more than $3,000, payable in advance. If a license for an additional dispensing room is approved, the fee shall be equal to 2/3 of the cost of the original license, for a limit of one additional dispensing room; except that the limit of one additional dispensing room shall not apply in the case of a business operation with convention facilities, as determined by the City Council. If a license is issued at any time other than October 15, the fee shall be prorated on a 1/12 basis.
The general control and regulatory provisions of this chapter shall apply to resort liquor licenses, except as otherwise provided.