Township of Union, NJ
Union County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 5 Administration, Department of

Chapter 12 Boards, Committees, Agencies and Commissions

Chapter 17 Claims Approval and Payment

Chapter 22 Committee Meetings

Chapter 24 Contracts

Chapter 28 Court, Municipal

Chapter 34 Economic Development

Chapter 39 Emergency Management

Chapter 43 Employment of Committee Members

Chapter 47 Engineering Department

Chapter 51 Environmental Commission

Chapter 64 Flood Control Commissions

Chapter 70 Health, Board of

Chapter 82 Law, Department of

Chapter 93 Officers and Employees

Chapter 98 Payroll

Chapter 102 Personnel Benefits

Chapter 109 Public Safety, Department of

Chapter 113 Public Works Department

Chapter 117 Purchasing, Cooperative

Chapter 121 Recreation, Department of

Chapter 124 Residency Requirements

Chapter 130 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 138 Tax Assessment, Department of

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter 150 Affordable Housing

Chapter 156 Alarms

Chapter 160 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 160A Alcoholic Beverage Consumption in Retail Food Establishments

Chapter 164 Amusements; Adult Uses

Chapter 168 Animals

Chapter 173 Auctions and Auctioneers

Chapter 179 Bicycles

Chapter 185 Bingo

Chapter 192 Brush, Grass, Weeds and Leaves

Chapter 198 Buildings and Fixtures, Damaging of

Chapter 203 Buildings, Moving of

Chapter 207 Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 216 Carnivals, Circuses and Traveling Shows

Chapter 221 Certificates of Occupancy

Chapter 228 Christmas Trees

Chapter 233 Condominium and Cooperative Conversions

Chapter 237 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 242 Curfew

Chapter 250 Disorderly Conduct

Chapter 252 Donation Clothing Bins

Chapter 254 Drug-Free Zones

Chapter 260 Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 266 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 268 Fees

Chapter 271 Fines

Chapter 273 Firearms; Hunting

Chapter 277 Fire Hydrants

Chapter 281 Fire Liens

Chapter 285 Fire Prevention

Chapter 298 Gasoline and Automobile Service Stations

Chapter 302 Golf

Chapter 313 Graffiti

Chapter 317 Hawkers, Peddlers and Itinerant Vendors

Chapter 324 Junk Dealers; Junkyards

Chapter 339 (Reserved)

Chapter 345 Library

Chapter 350 Licenses and Permits

Chapter 354 Limousines

Chapter 358 Littering

Chapter 362 Locomotion Devices, Human-Powered

Chapter 369 Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles

Chapter 373 Multiple Dwellings

Chapter 378 (Reserved)

Chapter 379 Newsracks

Chapter 384 Nuisances, Public

Chapter 390 Outdoor Cafes; Outdoor Displays

Chapter 397 Parks and Recreation Areas

Chapter 406 Property Maintenance

Chapter 415 Recreational Facilities

Chapter 416 Sports Lights

Chapter 419 Rental Property

Chapter 421 Rent Control

Chapter 424 Retail or Wholesales Practices, Interference With

Chapter 428 Sales

Chapter 432 Secondhand Dealers

Chapter 434 Sewers and Sewage Disposal

Chapter 436 Sex Offenders

Chapter 437 (Reserved)

Chapter 439 Shopping Carts

Chapter 443 Site Improvements

Chapter 450 Smoking; Tobacco Products

Chapter 456 Soil Removal

Chapter 462 Solid Waste; Recycling

Chapter 467 Space Heaters, Liquid-Fuel-Burning

Chapter 471 Special Improvement Districts

Chapter 474 Stormwater Management

Chapter 477 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 483 Sump Pits and Pumps

Chapter 487 Taxation

Chapter 490 Taxicabs

Chapter 494 Telephones, Public

Chapter 499 Theaters

Chapter 505 Towing

Chapter 510 Trailers and Trailer Camps

Chapter 516 Trees

Chapter 523 Vehicles, Abandoned

Part III: Board of Health Legislation

Chapter 550 General Provisions, Board of Health

Chapter 551 Animals

Chapter 557 Boarding Homes for Children

Chapter 560 Diseases, Control of Spread of Communicable

Chapter 563 Fees, Board of Health

Chapter 568 Food Service Personnel

Chapter 575 Health Officers and Personnel

Chapter 577 Housing

Chapter 581 Laundries, Launderettes and Dry-Cleaning Establishments

Chapter 585 Noise

Chapter 589 Nuisances, Public Health

Chapter 593 Recreational Bathing Places, Public

Chapter 596 Sanitary Standards

Chapter 602 Sewage Disposal Systems, Individual

Chapter 614 Wells


Chapter A620 Cable Television Franchises

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Land Development

Chapter 170 Land Development