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Village of Waterford, WI
Racine County
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Appointment and term. See §§ 50-2 and 245-59 . [Amended 1-23-2006 by Ord. No. 489 ] Powers and duties. See Chapter 245 , Zoning, particularly § 245-56 .
zoning (2)
... for the issuance of zoning use permits and zoning certificates of compliance. Zoning use permit. Applicability. Zoning use permits are generally issued by the Zoning Administrator for certain ...
zoning (51)
... Ord. No. 658 ] The office of Zoning Administrator in and for the ... of the Village Board. The Zoning Administrator shall hold ... Village Administrator. The Zoning Administrator shall receive ... Board. In the absence of the Zoning Administrator, the Village ...
zoning (14)
... maps that cover the Village of Waterford. Zoning and Floodplain Maps of the Village of Waterford ... 255 Appendix A, Lands Subject to Shoreland Zoning District Regulations. Editor's Note: Appendix A ...
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... from this requirement, a zoning permit shall be obtained from the Zoning Administrator before any new ... An application for a zoning permit shall be made to the Zoning Administrator upon forms ...
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The Zoning Administrator appointed pursuant to ... of this Municipal Code is appointed Zoning Administrator for the purpose of ... and enforcing this chapter. The Zoning Administrator shall have the ...
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... "Village of Waterford Zoning Map," also known as the "District Map" or "Zoning Map," which map is adopted by ... from time to time to reflect zoning changes, Village boundary ... and references shown on the Zoning Map are as much a part of ...
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Zone 1: Principal nonresidential ... to residential uses. Zone 2: Business uses. Zone 3: Institutional and ... to a residential use, Zone 1 shall be used.
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ZONING 245 Attachment 2 Village of Waterford ZONING MAP 245 Attachment 2:1 03 - 01 - 2019
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... adjacent to existing, zoned, or platted single- and ... on adjacent residential zones. Fixtures should be of a type ... may be required by the Zoning Administrator or Plan ... screening between business zones and residential ...
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zoning (1)
zones (4)
... of life and property. A zoning permit pursuant to this ... from the Town of Waterford. Zoning permits. Permit required. No ... within the Extraterritorial Zoning District until a zoning permit is applied for and ...
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The Village Zoning Administrator appointed by the Village President pursuant to § 245-59 of this Municipal Code.
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The saturated zone is the area of unconsolidation, fractured or porous material that is saturated with water and constitutes groundwater.
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