Town of Andover, MA
Essex County
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§ 3— Appointed Officials. § RA-1— Regulations and acts accepted by the Town. § 2— Officers, boards and committees enumerated. Art VIII— Zoning By-Law § VIII-3.1— GENERAL. § VIII-3.1.1— Symbols. § VIII-3.2.1— Specific Accessory Uses. § VIII-3.3.2— Nonconforming Uses. § VIII-3.3.3— Nonconforming Structures. § VIII-3.3.4— Variance Required. § VIII-3.3.5— Nonconforming Single and Two Family Residential Structures. § VIII-3.3.7— Catastrophe or Demolition. § VIII-4.1.4— Special District Regulations. § VIII-4.2.3— Floor Area. § VIII-5.1.6— Parking in Apartment Districts. § VIII-5.2.1— Purpose. § VIII-5.2.4— Sign Permit. § VIII-5.2.8— Signs in Residential Districts (SRA, SRB, and SRC, APT). § VIII-5.2.9— Signs in General Business (GB) Districts. § VIII-5.2.10— Signs in Mixed Use (MU) Districts. § VIII-5.2.11— Signs in Office Park Districts (OP) and Limited Service Districts (LS). § VIII-5.2.12— Signs in Industrial G (IG) Districts. § VIII-5.3.1— Office Park District. § VIII-5.3.2— Industrial Districts. § VIII-6.1.1— Applicability. § VIII-6.2.1— Applicability. § VIII-6.3.5— Miscellaneous Earth Movement. § VIII-6.4.1— General. § VIII-6.5.5— Lapse. § VIII-6.9.2— Livestock. § VIII-7.5.1— General. § VIII-7.6.1— General. § VIII-7.6.4— Special Permit. § VIII-7.8.1— Purpose and Intent. § VIII-7.8.3— Standards and Regulations. § VIII-7.8.5— Conditions To Be Imposed. § VIII-7.8.6— Application Requirements and Procedure. § VIII-7.9.1— Purpose and Intent. § VIII-7.9.4— Standards and Regulations. § VIII-7.9.5— Findings Required. § VIII-7.9.6— Conditions To Be Imposed. § VIII-7.9.7— Application Requirements and Procedure. § VIII-8.2.5— Special Permit. § VIII-8.5.1— General. § VIII-8.9.7— Special Permit Conditions on RMDs. § VIII-9.2— BOARD OF APPEALS. § VIII-9.2.1— Membership. § VIII-9.2.2— Powers. § VIII-9.2.3— Regulations. § VIII-9.2.4— Fees. § VIII-9.4.1— Authority. § VIII-9.4.7— Lapse. § VIII-9.5.6— Appeal. § VIII-9.6.3— Application Review. § VIII-9.6.4— Design Review in the General Business District and the Mixed Use District. § VIII-9.7.1— General. § VIII-9.7.2— Permit or Special Permit Granting Authority. § VIII-9.7.4— Decision on the Merits. § 8— Automatic amusement devices. § 24.5— Fire alarm systems/false alarms. § 32— Licenses and tax delinquency. § 36— Ballardvale Historic District. § 40— Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers. Art XIII— Subdivision Rules and Regulations § 3— Procedures for submission of plans and plan requirements. § 5— Planning Board conditions and releases of conditions. § 9— Coordination with other boards. § 6— Permits and procedures. § TB-1— Table of By-laws.