Sullivan County, NY
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§ A1-3— Effect of local laws, enactments. § A2-3— Powers and duties. § A2-6— Vice Chairman and other officers of County Legislature; selection; powers and duties. § A2-8— Committees of County Legislature, appointment. § A2-11— Clerk to County Legislature; Deputy Clerk. § A3-2— Appointment; qualifications. § A3-3— Powers and duties. Ch A Art V— Legislative Appointments, Miscellaneous § A5-1— County Attorney. § A5-2— Office of Civil Service Administration. § A5-4— Real Property Tax Service Agency. § A5-6— Sullivan County Community College; Board of Trustees. § A5-8— County Historian. § A5-10— Veterans' Services Agency. § A6-1— County Auditor. § A7-1— Deputy County Manager. § A7-2— Division of Management and Budget; County Treasurer; County Auditor; Office of Audit and Control; Office of Management and Budget; Department of Purchasing and Central Services; Department of Risk Management and Insurance; Human Rights Commission; Grants Administration Department; Payroll Department; County Clerk; Board of Elections; Department of Consumer Affairs; Veteran's Services Agency. § A7-3— Division of Public Works; Commissioner of Public Works; appointment; qualifications; powers and duties. § A7-4— Additional powers and duties of Commissioner of Public Works. § A7-5— Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. § A7-5.1— County Superintendent of Highways. § A7-6— Division of Health and Family Services. § A7-7— Public Safety; Division of Public Safety and Law Enforcement; appointment; qualification; powers and duties. § A7-8— Division of Planning, Community Development and Real Property; comprehensive planning, land use, and state-mandated planning functions; flood mitigation and management; watershed planning; historic and cultural resource management; and community development plan implementation; environmental protection; Center for Workforce Development; Real Property Tax Services Agency (for Administrative purposes only); GIS planning functions; agricultural economic development. § A7-9— Division of Environmental Sustainability, Beautification and Recreation. § A7-10— Division of Human Resources; Department of Human Resources; Office of Civil Service Administration. § A7-11— Division of Information Technology Services; Department of Information Technology Services. A8A-1{3}— Definitions. § A8A-2— Code of Ethics. § A8A-3— Board of Ethics. § A8A-4— Investigation of alleged violations; advisory opinions. § A8A-10— Distribution of Code of Ethics. § A8A-13— Annual financial disclosure statements. § A8A-15— Violations. § A9-1— Appointment of deputies and staff. § C1.05— Revision of the Charter. § C2.02— Powers and duties. § C2.03— Confirmation of appointments. § C2.04— Officers and committees of the County Legislature. § C2.05— Clerk to the County Legislature. § C3.01— Appointment, suspension and removal. § C3.04— Residency. § C3.06— Powers and duties. § C3.07— Acting County Manager. § C4.00— Department of Law. § C4.02— Deputy and Assistant County Attorneys. § C9.00— County Auditor. § C9.01— Qualifications. § C9.02— Powers and duties. § C9.03— Appointment of Deputy Auditor. § 20-3— Designation, status, qualifications and terms of emergency interim successors. § 20-4— Assumption of powers and duties by emergency interim successor. 27-1{4}— Definitions. § 32-4— Empire Zone Administrative Board. § 70-31— Existing employees, appointments and promotions. § 75-1— Competitive salaries commensurate with abilities and experience. § 83-9— Alarm Review Board. § 103-3— Membership. § 167-7— Denial or revocation of license; appeals. 182-1{3}— Definitions. 182-18{7}— Definitions. § 182-23— Administration of oaths and compelling testimony.
§ A5-4— Real Property Tax Service Agency. § A7-7— Public Safety; Division of Public Safety and Law Enforcement; appointment; qualification; powers and duties. § A8A-3— Board of Ethics. § C2.02— Powers and duties. § 1-4— Enactments saved from repeal; matters not affected. 14-2B{4}— Definitions. 14-2B{13}— Definitions. 14-2B{15}— Definitions. § 14-3— Establishment of an Energize NY Open C-PACE Financing Program. § 14-7— Terms and conditions of repayment. § 14-8— Levy of annual installment amount and creation of annual installment lien. § 32-5— State environmental quality review (SEQR). § 43-5— Withdrawal from plan. § 83-12— Enforcement. § 113-1— Legislative findings; intent and purpose; authority. 113-3{3}— Definitions. 146-1{3}— Definitions. 146-1{6}— Definitions. 164-2{1}— Definitions. 164-6{1}— Definitions. 164-6{3}— Definitions. § 164-8— Sale of property acquired by County. § 167-4— Application for license; fee; bond. § 169-7— Enforcement. § 171-29— Establishment of annual solid waste/recycling fee. § 171-32— Challenges. § 182-6— Determination of tax. § 182-10— General powers of County Treasurer. § 182-22— General powers of Treasurer. § 182-32— Determination of tax. § 182-35— Remedies exclusive. § 182-39— Notices and limitations of time. § 182-42— Exemption; eligibility. 182-49{6}— Definitions. § 182-60— Conditions of default. § 182-71— Calculation of exemption. § 182-72— Application for and grant of exemption. Ch 182 Pt 8— Assessment of Converted Condominiums Ch 182 Pt 8 Art XIX— Prevention of Lower Assessment § 182-74— Authority; purpose. § 182-76— Term defined. § 182-88— Exemption granted. § 182-89— Service-connected disability exemption. § 182-102— Extent of exemption.