Village of Ardsley, NY
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Chapter 122. Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Article I. Solid Waste Disposal

§ 122-5. Specifications for receptacles.

[Amended 9-4-1979 by L.L. No. 5-1979; 9-3-1996 by L.L. No. 4-1996]
Covered metal or rigid plastic containers only to be used: Except for leaf bags, no types of receptacles, other than metal or rigid plastic with covers as specified in § 122-4A, will be deemed satisfactory as refuse or waste receptacles. Except for dumpster type receptacles, no metal or rigid plastic container shall be used that exceeds 32 gallon capacity, and when filled. any such container shall not weigh more than 50 pounds. Village employees will not handle any containers which leak or are in dangerous condition. The Village will notify any person when, in its opinion, receptacles are in need of replacement, and failure to make such replacement will be deemed a violation of this article.
[Amended 1-22-2019 by L.L. No. 03-2019]
Leaf bags shall be securely closed and shall not be torn to a degree that leaves fall out freely.