Township of Cranberry, PA
Thursday, June 24, 2021

Chapter 13. Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations


§ 13-202. Licensing Procedure; Operating Regulations.

[Ord. 2005-362, 12/15/2005; as amended by Ord. 2014-441, 3-6-2014; and by Ord. 2017-472, 7-27-2017]
It shall be the duty of any person, firm, corporation, or association engaging in any activity set out in § 13-201, within the limits of the Township of Cranberry, to make application to the Chief of Police of Cranberry Township for a license to do so. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to investigate the said application, with regard to accuracy of the information on the application and any record of unsafe, criminal or fraudulent conduct of the applicant.
The license referred to in this section shall issue upon filing of a completed application unless the Chief of Police informs the person, firm, corporation or association in writing and within 10 days of the date of application that the Chief of Police can show that the person, firm, corporation or association is seeking to engage in unsafe, illegal, fraudulent or criminal activity, or has made a material misrepresentation on the license application.
In order to preserve the right of Township residents to enjoy the peace and tranquility of their homes without unreasonable interruption or annoyance during times when door-to-door solicitations are most unwelcome, notwithstanding § 13-201, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or association to sell or offer for sale any goods, commodity, or services, or to solicit funds or donations of any kind, in, upon, or along any of the public streets, alleys, or public places of the Township of Cranberry, or by going from house to house for such purposes between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. or all day on Sundays or other business holidays recognized as such holidays by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
No activity described in § 13-201 shall be done on any private property posted with "no-solicitation" signs or listed on the Do Not Knock List, and any such violation will be considered trespass subject to the criminal laws of the commonwealth.
The license application referred to in § 13-201 shall require only information sufficient to allow the person, firm, corporation, or association engaging in activity described in § 13-201, to be contacted by a Cranberry Township citizen or by Cranberry Township. This information shall include the name, address, and phone number of the person, firm, corporation, or association engaging in activity described in § 13-201. The application shall also require a brief description of the goods, commodity, or service to be sold or offered for sale. If the applicant is a business enterprise of any kind, the application shall also include the official name of the business, any alternate names under which the enterprise conducts business, its state of incorporation, its tax identification number, and its registered address for accepting service of process. The licensee and any persons soliciting on behalf of licensee shall be required to wear an identification badge provided by the Township Police Department at the time of issuance of the license.