Town of East Hampton, NY
Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chapter 255. Zoning

Article IV. Protection of Natural Resources

§ 255-4-10. Purpose of article.

[Amended 4-13-2007 by L.L. No. 14-2007]
The regulations in this article are adopted to protect and perpetuate some of the Town's most important natural resources. Rapid growth and development have encroached upon or despoiled many of the Town's wetlands, watercourses, tidal waters, natural drainage areas, watersheds and water recharge areas, as well as its beaches, dunes, bluffs, and other coastal features. These natural resources, which are threatened by the Town's growth, constitute important physical, social, scenic, aesthetic, recreational, and economic attributes of the Town. The provisions of this article are therefore designed to preserve and maintain these natural resources by minimizing their disturbance. Such protection will benefit the Town and its people in many ways, among which are the following:
The protection of wetlands, watercourses, tidal waters, and marine habitat from damage caused by pollution, turbidity, siltation, or direct destruction, thereby protecting stocks of fish, shellfish, and other marine organisms, as well as the wildlife and vegetation which depend upon these resources for their survival.
The protection of the Town's underground water supply and the quality of its tidal and fresh waters, through the preservation of natural filtration areas, natural vegetative buffers, and recharge sites.
The lessening of danger to life and property caused by coastal flooding and storms.
The preservation of beaches and other coastal habitat needed to sustain rare or threatened coastal birds, as well as fragile coastal vegetative communities.
The preservation of the Town's beaches, dunes, bluffs, wetlands, marshes, and other coastal resources, which together are integral to the character of East Hampton and to its social and economic well-being.