Town of East Hampton, NY
Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chapter 255. Zoning

Article V. Special Permit Uses

§ 255-5-40. General standards.

No special permit shall be granted unless the issuing board shall specifically find and determine that:
Nature of use. The use proposed will be in harmony with and promote the general purposes of this chapter as the same are set forth in § 255-1-11 hereof.
Lot area. The lot area is sufficient, appropriate and adequate for the use, as well as reasonably anticipated operation and expansion thereof.
Adjacent properties. The proposed use will not prevent the orderly and reasonable use of adjacent properties, particularly where they are in a different district.
Compatibility. The site of the proposed use is a suitable one for the location of such a use in the Town, and, if sited at that location, the proposed use will in fact be compatible with its surroundings and with the character of the neighborhood and of the community in general, particularly with regard to visibility, scale and overall appearance.
Effect on specific existing uses. The characteristics of the proposed use are not such that its proposed location would be unsuitably near to a church, school, theater recreational area or other place of public assembly.
Use definition. The proposed use conforms to the Town Code definition of the special permit use where such definition exists or with the generally accepted definition of such use where no definition is included in the Code.
Circulation. Access facilities are adequate for the estimated traffic generated by the proposed use on public streets and sidewalks, so as to assure the public safety and to avoid traffic congestion; and, further, that vehicular entrances and exits shall be clearly visible from the street and not within 75 feet of the intersection of street lines at a street intersection, except under unusual circumstances.
Parking. There is room for creation of off-street parking and truck loading spaces at least in the number required by the applicable provisions of this chapter, but in any case adequate for the actual anticipated number of occupants of the proposed use, whether employees, patrons and visitors; and, further, that the layout of the spaces and related facilities can be made convenient and conducive to safe operation.
Buffering and screening. Adequate buffer yards and screening can and will be provided to protect adjacent properties and land uses from possible detrimental impacts of the proposed use.
Runoff and waste. Adequate provision can and will be made for the collection and disposal of stormwater runoff, sewage, refuse and other liquid, solid or gaseous waste which the proposed use will generate.
Environmental protection. The natural characteristics of the site are such that the proposed use may be introduced there without undue disturbance or disruption of important natural features, systems or processes and without significant negative impact to groundwater and surface waters on and off the site.
Compliance with other laws. The proposed use can and will comply with all provisions of this chapter and of the Code, including Chapters 180 and 185 thereof, which are applicable to it, and can meet every other applicable federal, state, county and local law, ordinance, rule or regulation.
Conformity with other standards. The proposed use can and will meet all of the general standards for special permit uses in particular districts set forth in § 255-5-45 and also meets all of the specific standards and incorporates all of the specific safeguards required of the particular use, if any, by § 255-5-50.